Anyone using a Bitstream 3x?


Yes. Check the section of the manual titled “Chain of controls” (page 26 and 32).


And to further elaborate on this - the free Software editor is a must with this device. Its really really easy to use. You can basically “chain” cc’s all over the place. Each “control” on the unit can chain cc’s. Its essentially a “scene machine” if you think about it in elktron terms.

Down load the software - trust me. Itll make it seem like magic once you get used to it.


From what I’ve read on that, it still requires me to waste one of my knobs for that parameter for the grouping (Eg I will have to assign a knob that track volume and then assign it to that one fader which is also controlling another CC).

Considering I’m losing out on 4 knobs on just track volumes alone, nevermind panning or FX sends… Can I go across different scenes? It doesn’t specify that (and I’m also posting without it in my face)


Not correct! The way its used is each knob has a cc. You chain controls. If you want filter cutoff, volume and panning. You chain knob 1 to knob 2 and knob 2 to knob 3. Make sense?


I can out together a short video tonight or tomorrow if it helps.


@phesago I’m not sure I get what you mean. Please can you elaborate?

I’ve owned an A4 and a Digitakt, and I don’t remember using the word “scene” for anything!

I’m asking because I have one of these which I bought back in 2008 for a specific purpose and haven’t touched since. I just found it again, and am wondering what fun things I might be able to do with it.


The Octatrack and Analog Rytm have “scenes” which are basically sets of parameter values that can be selected simultaneously using one physical control. The Bitstream 3X has a similar capability. The closest thing on the Analog Four would be a performance macro.


Oh, that’s cool. Thanks for explaining.

Excited to play with this now!


When I get bak home, Ill actually open the software for the bitstream 3x and show you what I mean. I forgot up until now I was supposed to provide information some time ago but I forgot. Ill get to that today in the next few hours.


Cool thing about the bitstream with the analog four is you can set knobs on the 3x to control multiple perf mode knobs, or expand the number of perf modes. its kind of a “your imagination / fiddling / experimentation is the limit” thing.


I want to hear more about that!


Having some trouble getting the editor to load on my pc. ill post back when this is resolved


HEre is just a simple example.

1 - chose a midi cc. You can slo do use defined if youre more savy with sysex. Im still teaching myself this stuff, so I dont have a lot of advice/tips, but it can potentilly open it a bit more.

2- here is where you chain controls together. As you can see, you can literally map man controls in succession. You can kind of plan it out as well so you can approach this is a systematic fashion. Ive been dedicating the bottom row of knobs for chained control master groups (if that makes sense) and kind of simplifying what knobs do what as I go up. As far as the anlog four goes, as Long as you know what controls the perf knobs are (channel / cc) then you can do all sorts of cool shit.

Now, granted, I havent dug as deep as I would like, but as long as you use the editor, this device is really easy to use. If you understand sysex enough to write midi strings, then I think it can be quite a useful tool. Either for 200 bucks its a pretty rad box.


Cheers, will have a look into when I get some time.


the is probably one of the last remaining controllers i havent bought yet , it looks to have a lot of control over things (much more than most that only offer midi cc / note / basic range of values).

it looks good… perhaps one day i’ll try one.


I can totally recommend the Bitstream. Its feels like its really made for controlling the OT. Got my filters and delay of each channel mapped to the knobs above the faders of each channel on the BS. Pretty neat. Put the master delay time on the ribbon ctrl for some master delay madness. I actually don’t need to touch the OT at all when messing with it live. It took some time to set up. I got it back when I was using the MnM/MD/OT trilogy and I had it mapped to all 3 machines and could switch which one I wanted to ctrl on the BS. One thing that I really struggled with was to map the joystick to the joystick of the MnM - Until today I haven’t figured out what the deal is… Even though the keyless MnM doesnt have the joystick it does have the parameter for it… Has anybody found a use for the joystick on any of your other machines? What did you map it to?


According to the manual, and my aging memory, incoming Pitch Bend messages control the joystick left and right destinations, Mod Wheel (CC 1) messages control joystick up destinations, and Breath Control (CC 2) messages control joystick down destinations.