Anyone use a Yamaha Reface With Elektron Gear?


Been sequencing my synths with my Digitakt by running a keyboard controller in to it and playing chords. Now I’m thinking about adding a Yamaha Reface CS to my arsenal, though not totally sure of its MIDI in and out capabilities.

Should I be able to sequence it with my controller/Digitakt same as my other synths? Better yet it would be cool to use the Reface in place of the controller and use it both as the sequencer and sequencee. Curious what Elektronauts experience has been in general with this synth.


Yes, the refaces have the full midi implementation as you would expect. The internal sequencer on the reface synths is pretty bare bones with only note and velocity data and without the ability to edit the length of sequences or erase notes. It’s more of a midi looper than a full sequencer like the keystep. Anyway, the looper in my DX is currently my favorite way to write melodies. I strongly recommend you try out the CS or DX.


Came up with this Melody in less than a few minutes on the Reface CS looper. Running the audio through my Digitone’s reverb and overdrive. This thing is easy to midi sync from my DN. The CS can produce great super saws, super low bass, pads, you name it! I believe the CS does output midi velocity data, but it only affects the volume slightly.


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What’s the status from your Reface? I’m using a Reface CS as a controller when I’m not playing it on its own, and there’s some hassle with its settings before you can get it to work.

If you haven’t already, read their 1.3 addendum, which might help:


For what it’s worth, as a controller if keyboard action in a small package is the top reason to get one, then the Refaces are in a league of their own. And the CS is an amazing synth, too.


Looking at your Digi settings, you might wanna try setting Auton Channel to 1. I think the CS only transmits on Ch 1.


Wanted to share a random tip with the Reface CS / Elektron combo. I use my Digitone as a midi sequencer for all my hardware including the Reface CS. If you want to get longer than 64 step sequences out of this combo you can enable the loop recorder on the Reface CS while it is midi synced from the Digitone. Then, as you record your notation and sequences from the Digitone, the Reface will have the notes recorded in real-time. You can let the looper run for much longer than 64 steps. The trick is to enable / disable the Reface CS loop recorder in time with the Digitone’s sequencer as it loops. The CS will quantize the notes automatically for you. Also, if you stop the looper at 48 steps, 24 steps, etc…that will create poly rhythms when playing in conjunction with the Digitone’s sequencer.

I hope my explanation makes sense.


It does! Thanks, @Cepheid. I wouldn’t have figured it out by myself. What do you guys think about the Reface CS? I got it 2 years ago and I’ve barely use it until recently, that I have incorporated it to a set-up in which the Digitakt acts like the brain of everything. Its MIDI implementation, although tricky, makes it a very versatile machine. Now that I’ve come to know my synth better, I find its palette really vast, lush and complex for a synth of its price, and I really like what I can achieve with it. Specially if I process the sound through any pedal.


I think you can change the MIDI channel by holding a key(s) on startup, yeah?

Here’s a manual where it’s explained.

It looks and sounds really great!

I had the DX, then swapped it for the CP, but was considering the CS for a while… but it’s similar in structure to the Nord Lead, so I’m better off with the CP, I think.


I love my CS. I think it sounds excellent and has a wide enough pallette of textures to make it a keeper. I’ve programmed some deep bass on this thing. Where I really think it sounds wonderful is the multi saw, it’s nice with the extra detuned voices for trance chords, ambient stuff. I’ve thought about selling it but it’s just too nice off a synth, has great sweet spots. My wife even likes how it looks, she thinks it’s one of my cooler looking items. $300 brand new when I bought it, can’t beat that price!


  • great sound quality
  • battery option with built in speakers (portable!)
  • looks nice
  • quality build
  • built in fx
  • looper is fun
  • low cost
  • keys feel great
  • 8 voice polyphony


  • no patch saving
  • no onboard reverb
  • only 1 lfo shape for modulation
  • needs some slower Lfo speeds


you can save patches via your browser if you connect it to your computer


Ohh, duh. Sound Mondo. I forgot that thing even existed. I stand corrected.