Anyone sending their Digitone and/or Digitakt in a small Euro Rack?


I keep watching Euro Rack videos (past few months) and I’m starting to play with VCV Rack and it’s very interesting and I know expensive if it’s real gear. I have the DN and DT (plus a Microcosm and Keystep), I was thinking does anyone use their DN’s arpeggio/Sequencer etc and send into a Eurorack for it’s sound source (or even the Digitakt). I’d imagine it would be amazing for Ambient or IDM and just clock from the Elektrons and use the percussions of these too.

I guess I’m thinking that I could use my current gear and save on costs, but use the DT or DN as a clock source and sequencer?


I use my Digitone to sequence my Eurorack via cv.ocd which converts MIDI to 4 x CV and gate signals. I also use my Syntakt. It sends MIDI clock via a DIN convertor to Pamela’s New Workout. The Syntakt also receives the audio output of my eurorack and processes via the FX block which is great for ducking etc.

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Nice. What do you use as a sound source?

So you sycn the clock from Pamela’s New Workout to your Syntakt’s clock which I guess is your master clock?

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I use the Digitone to sequence Oscillators in my eurorack. I don’t send any audio from the Digi boxes to eurorack.

No, the master clock is the Digitone. It send midi out to eurorack and midi thru to the Syntakt. The Syntakt then sends clock and run data to Pam’s via a DIN to 2 x 3.5mm jack cable. So Pam’s is synced to the digi boxes.

That is quite cool! More outputs than the Kensington, and just 3/4 of the price …

… And I got mine for half retail from a fellow 'naut, happy days.

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CV.OCD is great. I upgraded to an Expert Sleepers FH-1 and then an FH-2 with an FHX-8GT expander. Configuration can be a bit of a pain but it’s flexible and it works well with the DT/DN/ST over USB or MIDI DIN (via an Expert Sleepers expander). I tend to have Pam’s sending clocks and everything else synced to it.

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You can use the Keystep as a MIDI to CV converter if you want to cut costs. Cheap and easy way to get started since you already have one. I use the Digitakt / Digitone to sequence Plaits via the Keystep.

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