Anyone have a tambourine patch for Digitone/Keys

An odd request, I know, but by chance do anyone have a tambourine patch for the Dtone that you could share, I greatly appreciate it :nerd_face:

Challenge accepted. If I figure it out will share it.


Greatly appreciated lol!! I mean I can use a sample🤷🏻‍♂️But why?!

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Well yes, in order of preference…
1, a real live tambourine
2, a sample
3, synthesize it… (will give it a go after work)

Did you get close with your attempts?

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Yeah sort of, started with a clap sound, I’m usually pretty good at cloning to synthesis…but I’m probably missing a detail on this one lol!

Pppffff well. Got my Digitone and TR-8S infront of me right now. Im having a go at a one shot tambourine hit (so not a shaken tambourine sound) .

Thinking about the sound of hitting a tambourine (I had one until someone stole it) there are multiple metal discs that rattle when you hit it. So you need multiple voices, an initial attack transient, then multiple softer attacks, and a short decay.
I dunno, not getting anywhere close! There are some good hihat presets in the main sound bank that could pass as a tambourine, but yeah… easier to just use a sample!

My reference sound, 626 Tambourine from roland TR8-S.


Yeah might just try something with two p-locked hats together and see if I can get close…thanks kat for trying​:nerd_face::100: