Anyma Omega Keyboard and Desktop from Aodyo

My guess since it came in with the CV is it’s analog input for the old school Yamaha breath controller like was on the DX7.

TEC makes one headset compatible with those old school inputs:

Looks like it’s official now and I just got the confirmation my pledge has been received.

Now we play the waiting game.

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And we will play the working game …

Thank you to all people who asked questions, spread the word and support us.


Good Luck with the development :grinning:

Up on indigo now, with an initial batch of about 30 units, if you missed out.

I’m really hoping they’ll push in a couple last hardware upgrades… Balanced outputs would be lovely, and I’m still curious what the scope screen stretch goal was…


Aodyo will be at Superbooth 23.


We have been testing the front panel and made a few adjustments to the user interface of both models, including extra keys we felt useful for the new functions unlocked with the stretch goals (especially for the sequencer). We will soon share it with you.

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Here they are.

Looks like a very busy panel but the more control the better.

I’m curious about the sequencer because it is now prominent on the front panel. What kind of sequence we will be able to create?

Also anyone remember if there is midi and audio via USB and if audio an input replace a track?


We didn’t hit the USB audio stretch goal.

You can make patches that are audio input only on the Phi so I’m guessing one of the channels could be only audio in if you wanted (or all 4).

No audio over USB (at least for first release but this would be quite a chalenge to manage for us to have both Audio AND Midi over USB device connexion).
The sequencer is a MIDI sequencer so do not expect to record audio on the device.
But for example you would be able to setup a part to process external audio and sequence control changes to have time dependent variations of the processing settings of this part applied to the external audio (or another part used as audio input).


Aodyo is showing at Synthfest France ( SFF ). I am hoping we can peek in on the progress with the two Omega synths.

There is a thread on this show, called the Show of Shows.


Three month shipping delay, because the screens they were going to use are now unavailable. Curious to hear if they’ve already got everything else delivered in sufficient quantity; hopefully. On the bright side, hopefully this means that much more software maturity at launch.

I like the brass module ( on the way ), you can hear a demo here.


It sounds good, I’m just hoping it has a wide playable range as the current Windsyo models are a bit range limited.

Tuba to Dizzy Gillespie !

There has been a lot of back and forth over in this thread trying to pick close replacements for the out of production Nord Modular G2.

It didn’t get listed there at all, but i think it’s the Omega !

The Omega doesn’t have an FM oscillator, and is much stronger with physical modelling, but absolutely not limited to that. But the strength of control of a modularly configurable architecture is quite close in concept. The Omega even matches with the four part multi-timbrality.

CORRECTION : It does have FM, see below.

It also will have the built-in sequencer, and all the on-board controls.

Plus the O will be editable on-screen without having to have an external computer, although that off-board editor will also be available, and likely as good as the one on the Phi.

So i think the Omega is the answer. But don’t tell anyone.

Does anyone think that Aodyo had this in mind at all as a similar product, when they were designing the O ?


Seems like that would be a pretty easy feature to add later at this point, too, if they decide it’s a priority.

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The Phi has some FM functionality I think, though not presented as an oscillator (as an effect I think ?). I’d be surprised if the same thing was not present in the Omega.

EDIT: On the Phi, it’s an effect module called “FM Operator”

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Thank you.

You are right and it is listed in the Omega module pdf as well, where i missed it, and had forgotten, it being in the effects section.

That then makes the O an even a better candidate, for replacing the G2.