Anyma Omega Keyboard and Desktop from Aodyo

A CPU upgrade of the Phi would have been nice, as a one voice entry level but that can keep pace with the Omegas


… plus a breath input as bonus along with it, which was moved forward from the set of other stretch goals beyond what has already been included.

Next up for both keys and desktop is a chorder and strummer. Not sure what this is exactly, but this might be an added way to use the ribbons, they had earlier listed advanced ribbon controller as a possible goal.

Their vision for this instrument — with built in percussive microphone, audio input processing, poly-aftertouch keybed, x-y touch pad, ribbon input, breath input, MPE in, the CV ins, the host USB interface for MIDI controllers, and now a chorder/strummer interface —seems to be as a multi-function performance instrument. Something with multiple ways for you to interact with as a synth.

An interesting vision, if this is really their goal. I am trying to think of another instrument with such a complete set of controls all together in one synth. There are others with parts of this, but none i can think of with all this together. It also gives Aodyo a lot of territory for software upgrades, if they do as they did with the Phi.

For me this adds a new dimension to sound design — instrument design ?


Eagenmatrix vs Anyma Omega, which is better?


I’ve created a new thread for this.

If they deliver on the product this promise to be a monster… And a good reason to sell everything to afford it. Or a Nord Wave 2. They seems so different but covering a lot similar uses.

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Might be easier for people to chew on if it was entitled

‘Physical Modelling Synths - New & Forthcoming Compared’


As i anticipated back here Aodyo has indeed added some more stretch goals to the list starting at 200K. New on the KS page :

Good to see detail on these two.

Interesting that you can store chords and progression on the “shortcut buttons” and then strum them on the ribbon. They’re almost to 200K so the chorder / strummer is probably included.

And then if the ribbon had an added y dimension ( is that pressure, or vertical across the ribbon not sure ? Not much room across the ribbon ), and was multi-touch, there could be lots of possible applications to that. I’ve thought about in the past what a pressure sensitive ribbon would be like to use.

More things to that list i started of how to use the Omega as a multifunction instrument.

And then there is more stuff that might be added beyond 250K. We’ll see.

I’m excited, it’s super close to the 200k mark.

I joined in as a super early adopter on the desktop as I have the Anyma Phi and this addresses some of the issues I had when working with it namely CPU budget and the away from computer editing ease of use.

I use wind controllers and it’s nice to have the combined Velocity/Expression envelope as it means wind synth users get to benefit from the work most keyboard users do when making patches. That was one of my favourite things about this sound engine.

Looks like there’s also some higher res pictures & sound demos dropped today as well.

Hopefully we hit the advanced ribbon controller goal! :slight_smile:

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Sound Demos

Bowed & breath performance (+ solo reed model)

Kathmandu sitar speech

Methony Mood


Soleil Levant

I have a feeling these may sway some on the fence, or unaware of the “Anyma Sound”.

The latest news :

I think that’s pretty close to a sure thing. There are eight days left still.

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There’s A LOT of stuff in the Anyma engine without sound demos or factory presets showing its use so more examples to highlight what it can do will no doubt help.

The sparse selection of presets for the Anyma Phi was spelled out as a con in the Loopop review video.

those are some great demos, got an entire band in the first one!

In the five demos i just linked, these seem mostly or entirely physical modeling in origin. There are all the virtual analog and wavetable voices not demoed. ( I am not complaining. )

That’s something of the adventure with the Omega. Given the model, and that it is 4 part multi-timbral you can have separate filters and effects for all four. And then mix sequenced parts with live playing.

I was thinking about this a few days back, and i think you could have more than one person playing this synth at the same time. For instance player one with two parts on a split keyboard, and someone else playing a wind controller using the host USB connection. Or player one keyboards, player two x-y pad and audio input with effects, or similar.

ADDED : Probably not but you can drum on the X-Y pad — could you drum two separate parts on the pad ? The desktop has the mic on the ribbon, and the ribbon could have multiple position sensing — what could be done with that ?

Mark Steiner has some demos of the virtual analog stuff for the Anyma Phi with a wind controller: Anyma Phi Analog Engine Demo - Mark Steiner - YouTube

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@Hurolura. Things are going very well with the Omega, with it’s acceptance, and development on Kickstarter ! Good work, by the whole Aodyo team.

I have a question about the poly-aftertouch feature. Does it include a Note OFF Velocity, which is the control given by how quickly you release a key. In the terminology used by ROLI they call it “LIFT”.

This parameter is useful in adjusting the release portion of a note envelope, either adjusting the amplitude or filter, and can be used in other fun ways too.

I know the second generation Medeli Polytouch keybeds ( used in the ASM HydrasynthExplorers and Deluxes ) have this capability. I have no knowledge if this is unavailable with the Fatar poly-aftertouch keybeds, but if it is available it would be useful to incorporate it in the design.

And another thing, and you don’t need to respond to this here, or commit to it, just as something to consider long term. Osmose has a feature called “pressure weighted portamento”, which allows you to get a controlled glide between two notes using the poly-aftertouch capabilities of a keyboard. You can see it demonstrated here in this video. This is a substitute for the lack of full control of the X dimension of motion on a standard keyboard. It may not be doable exactly like this on the Omega, depending on the patent, but it is a valuable feature that could be done in other ways too. ( It’s OK for you to PM and ask me for more on this. )

Note off velocity is available on some Channel Aftertouch keyboards as well like the Deepmind 12.

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I think Note Off velocity is something which is not dependent on Poly Aftertouch.
It is just the way you handle the keyboard to detect note on velocity which is also used for detecting note off velocity (same process just one is used when triggering a key and the other one is used when untriggering a key).
We thought about using the note off velocity to control the VelEnv in the Anyma Phi but this feature is not often available on most keyboards sold on the market. Most of them just send a “0” note off velocity.
But as we will handle the keyboard on our own for the Anyma Omega Keyboard this is something we could consider implementing.

I didn’t knew about the patented pressure weighted portamento and checked the video link.
It was a pleasure to discover that one.
As usual, Christophe Duquesne from Haaken Audio is explaining and demonstrating this feature in a smart and easy to understand way.


If it ended up in the VelEnv it’d probably require some sort of global switch as to whether or not to use it.

As a separate standalone modulation source that likely wouldn’t be necessary as you’d be deliberately setting up the routes.

Looks like they’ve been sending out the 5 day warning to get the 30% discount. Hopefully there’s enough people waiting to the end that we hit 225k.

In the mean time I’ve been fiddling around with the Anyma Phi to see if I can make the hardest of all sounds, a saxophone.

So far after about an hour of noodling:

Sawtooth -> Modal Resonator -> Ring Modulator

Was getting a bit saxophoney.

It’s not going to fool anyone but it’s hard to even get a bit of the honky saxophone sound on subtractive synths.

Advanced Ribbon is unlocked!

That makes a fair bit of difference to the playability of the Desktop but also moves the needle as to the kinds of performance features that are available on ribbon controllers in general.

I guess we’re in the final 48 hours now and we’ll see how many jump on the 30% off at the last minute.

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