Any VSTs out there similar to a Monomachine? I would love one but so darn expensive : (

Basically what the title says.

Looking for a VST/Plug-In synth that gets close to the Monomachine. I would use it in Ableton.

…u can mock a monomachine with pretty any daw…
but it’s never the real thing…simple as that.

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MnM is primarily a sound production technology - routing, arp, plock, 3xLFO, 6 x Machine and FX.
May be is it?

Sound engines are similar to… microfrik! (with clear limitations). IMHO of cause

Since my MonoMachine has just decided not to boot, I am thinking Maschine with a VST such as Super-8. You can create sequence patterns and apply p-locks to individual steps. The MonoMachine sound engine is pretty basic. its the integrated step p-locks which make it special.