Any SFX6 Users here?

Nauts - I am really surprised how rare the SFX 6 seems to be (even on Reverb / Ebay).

As mentioned in a former post: what might be a be a realistic price (if one unit might appear on the market) in times of MnM being sold for > 2k?

And are people still interested in any keyboard versions at all?


There was one on Reverb in France for more than a year for only €1k!!! I think it was largely hidden because it didn’t have Monomachine in the title, so it didn’t come up in many direct searches. I should have got it but went for OT at the time thinking to come back to it later on. Then, inevitably, it sold a few months later. Never seen one on Reverb since and the prices now will probably be €2k+.

Edit: Only 500 made (I think) so it’s very rare.

Also, looking on Reverb and filtering by Sold is depressing. So many went for less than €1k

are you asking because you’re after one, or because you have one to sell?

in general I think the mk1 units go for less, and the SFX6 is a mk1. so I’m guessing you’d see more in the $1500-2k range for one. versus the $2k minimum you’re seeing now for mk2 SFX-60’s.

I seen one a few years back for $1200 in Japan but hesitated on the purchase. I eventually came across a SFX-60 MK.II for $1600 before the big inflation but there’s something about that keyboard version…

Even just 2 years ago I’ve seen some go for $1600 at the most but this was checking multiple places, i.e. Reverb, Ebay, Echigoya Music, Five G Music Tech… So one is bound to pop up sooner or later.

Last one I saw was 2k on eBay - maybe half a year ago.

Got unexpectedly an offer - but have no idea about pricing and co (and because I got my SFX60 just a week ago).

I am not sure about the mkI / mkII discussion. SFX6 seems to have the 64 step sequencer (aka mkII) already (?)


Mk1 Monomachines had the 64 step sequencer; only the Machinedrum mk1 had 32 steps.


I’ve got one. Strangely enough right before the mm rose in value it seemed very hard to sell sfx-6’s. Seems like I saw them linger for $1200 all the time. I already had mine at that point or I would have snapped one up.

Uuuh - thanks for clarifying! Indeed - I had MD in mind …

1.2k seems like a bargain nowadays for a SFX6.
Anyway - keyboard versions seems to be “less” desirable on 2nd hand market - just my feeling.

The joystick :joystick: is awesome to set modulations to.

Would an analog keys be a fair swap?

@J_C_SelectorV2: I don’t have anything to swap :relieved:

Generally, I would never think of purchasing a keyboard version (because I am not a keyboarder).
SFX6 would be interesting for me, because it is so rare.

I was asking in general, not you.

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I sold one on reverb a few months ago for $2400. It’s a great machine, but I got the mdmk2uw+ instead.

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