Any reggae dub makers here?

hi, i m trying to make reggae dub with monomachine and analog rytm,
have you any tips for playing skanks with the mono? i find the mono reverb bad for it. have you advices for a good external reverb?
evry advice or exemple will be listened to make my chords

Mono and Rytm probably ain’t the best choice for dub music. It’s such an organic style, which is very hard to imitate with synthesizers.

If you want to continue down that road, a few pedals that might suit the bill are the Strymon El Capistan delay and the Vermona Retroverb Lancet (a spring reverb with a nice analog filter). Or if you want to go vintage, buying a real tape echo would work of course.

The best bet is to get a real drum kit and a bass guitar though…

i have already the retroverb, i m gonna try!

Not a straight reggae head but for sure I love dub stuff. Anyway sinewave bass, ensemble machines minor chords with tape delay, and ddraw machines paired with reverb track can do a lot! Although alien dubby stuff


On the MNM, the ENSEMBLE machines can make chords, and you can p-lock note/chord changes per step, if you wish. I think it’s important to use the FILTER and EQ settings on chords to scoop out the mid range frequencies, so you get that dub by hollow chord sound. Set the ATTACK and DECAY to be really short so it becomes a chord stab.

The MNM reverb is pretty weak. If you want the best reverb you have to get a stomp box like the Eventide SPACE, which is expensive, but makes anything you run through it sound absolutely amazing. Worth ever dollar in my opinion. A lush reverb and delay are essential to the Dub sound. In general, running the MNM through external effects will make its sound really come alive.

thanks for the advice, for the moment i found the solution for my chirds, i send it through my virus ti that i wanted to sell, but it become a luxury stomp box! don t know if i will sell it to buy an eventide or if i keep it like this, virus is a machine that i hate as much as i love it!!!
i wanted a setup as portable as possible it s why i didn t want to keep it but if i need external effet more the mono and rytm maybe the best way is to keep my virus!

I usually lurk here, but bring up Dub Reggae and I must speak!

I have many many years of experience with Dub and Reggae. See here:

Really a true Spring Reverb tank with real springs is the best solution hands down. Lost’s of old Fender amps have the sounds you are looking for also. Your Retroverb should do the trick nicely. I use the Guyatone FR-300V when I really need to get down. When I’m lazy I use my eventide space - it is the closest emulation of spring I’ve found, and I’ve tried mountains of pedals that have a “spring reverb” on them.

With Dub, just as important as the Spring Reverb is the dirty grungy warm repeats you only get from a real Tape Echo. I use RE-201 when I really need to get down. When I’m lazy I’ll use the pedal version RE-20 and I’ve always wanted to try Strymon El Capistan. Once you’ve dubbed a track with a real Tape echo though, nothing else will ever really suffice.

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oh, and another tip is to make sure you program your delay time to triplets, but a little bit off kilter either a tad faster or slower rather than hitting right on the triplet. Boss

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Maybe a little off topic but this article about the slang tend riddim and Casio preset maker Okuda Hiroko is great.


Anybody know the history of old-school dub synth sound effects? What were people using back in the day to make these?

One of the many projects on my list is to try to recreate and sample some dub effects using my Stylophone Gen X-1. It seems well suited to sirens and stuff, but I’m curious what the roots of all of that are.

I believe a lot of the early dub siren synth stuff was made using the test tone generators that were built into the analog mixing consoles.


lil dub


Looks like these were used a lot as well. NJD SE1.

Also, the Star Instruments Synare 3 apparently.


There any good threads on dub EQing technique?

Any books on the history of dub studios would also rock.

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If you can find it Dub Echoes is an excellent documentary on Dub music.



Thanks! I’ll pick those up. And @InTheAM my local non-profit video resource (Scarecrow Video) has it for rental!


Fun one to watch fer sure.
Me and my buddy used to play shows from the mixing booth like we were the Rockers.
Sound guys hated us

Kief on Texas Toast

Only the intro is good. I got all junked oput and didn’t finish mixing the record so the other guy really fucked it up.
1st track bangs tho

The last track on this set is a little dubby, I definitely jacked samples, starts at 16min in

We were callin it street dub

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I just started the Michael Veal book yesterday. It’s great so far.


Can anyone recommend some good Dubish sample packs?
Preferably with Dry samples.