Any Nauts know what drums were used in Moby's Porcelain?

The string sample was taken from Exodus OST

But the drums sound sampled to me, too…Like breakbeats and stuff. Any hiphopheads hyperfamiliar?

Sounds like layers of programmed drums to me. Made into loops, treated differently.
Fairly generic beat, has that Hot Pants origin to it. But yeah, Moby is a drum machine collector, so probably just lots of programming. I could be totally wrong though.
Never liked Moby myself.

What’s hot pants?

Oh man… you need to go to drum break school,
Bobby Byrd, (the caller in James Brown’s band)

Hot pants. You probably know the break from Fools Gold by the Stone Roses.

There’s a couple of dozen breaks from the same era of music that basically got regurgitated ever since and are in everything, Hot pants, Funky Drummer, Amen Brother to name a few.


Cool! Guess I just don’t know the name. I have 100 breakbeats in my sampled drums folder…Out there on the Internet is 50 classic breaks volumes 1-4 and I load them up from time to time. Used them on a client’s track recently haha. Used to play around with them on my Octatrack! which I’ve been craving doing more lately…

This break you linked does sound like the one Moby used. I’m surprised it’s not mentioned on the whosampled website?

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Maybe because he didn’t sample it? Just remade it on drum machines?
I’m a drummer so my ears recognize beats very quickly. My brain however, is old and tired and has lost that quickfire recall :wink:


And then my question becomes what drum machine did he use and what samples? :stuck_out_tongue: To me the kind of tambourine percussion part sounds very human and lively…

It is also of course possible that the fine folks who contribute to whosampled didn’t know that he sampled hot pants–but they seem pretty on the ball when it comes to those sorts of things.

He could have recorded the shaker/tambourine part in live? Common practice to ‘humanise’ ones drum loops.

I already saw this! haha

yeah him recording the tambo makes sense