Any love for the Ultranova?

I picked one up yesterday from a local pawn shop and plugged it in for an hour last night. I’ve noticed a few other folks on here have them and I’m just wondering what your impressions are? Things that jumped out in my short time messing are the fx and some of the quirky Lfo and arp patterns as well as some solid usable staples like hits and pads. They’re all found sounds as I’ve not reloaded any presets etc. Hoping to get some time to get back on it later.


Very cool, I wish I had one! Share some patches when you make some!

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Fun synth with a great UI. It’s pretty deep and very playable.

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Good synth but I’m out of studio space


I was set to sell my mininova (same engine) but held off after giving out some more attention. Lots of potential though I wish they were multitimbral. I have also found the reverbs quite beautiful (in a non-realistic reverb sort of way).


If it’s anything like the Supernova (especially v2), it’ll be great.


Compared to the Supernova it is more precise and deft. It has less voices but each has more voices within.

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Nice find! I sold my Supernova II keyboard about 7 years ago, and have regretted it ever since. Used prices are now nuts compared to what I sold it for.


I have the mininova - which has been sitting on a shelf gathering dust for a while.
This thread has brought it back to mind, and I’ve got more connectivity in my setup now which means I don’t have to unplug something else, so thanks for the nudge. :smiley:


Yeah I’ve seen a few references to the Supernova. I’ve still got the copy of SOS from when the Supernova was launched with a pic of the rack version on the front cover!

Hoping to get a few hours on it tonight, start to build some custom patches etc. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with it. I’m already mentally noting which patches could get sampled and used in the M:S or OT. Some great classic house/hardcore hits in the presets🙂

I had the keyboard and the rack unit. Sold both, then a few years later got into a situation where I needed to remix some old material.

So, bought a 2nd hand unit, which was in nothing like the same good condition as my old units. Didn’t / doesn’t have the voice expansion either.

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Had one stashed under the sofa for the last decade. Might break it out. As I recall it’s basically a rather intuitive midi controller attached to a vst right?

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Love mine. It’s deep and it sounds good imo. Already mage a full song on it !

I’m relatively new to synths (5 years into the hobby). I was obsessed exclusively with guitars and rock instruments for most of my adult life.

When I got into this hobby, I explored all the popular synths of the past 10 years or so. I had no idea until recently how powerful and cool older synths were.

I know this probably sounds really stupid, but I had never explored too much in the past given how much amazing new stuff is constantly getting released.

I’ve owned the peak, it was great. I just picked up an ultranova cheap yesterday and absolutely love it!!! It’s so cool!

I’m really into older synths right now I guess, I find them charming!

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It’s a nice synth actually. I had it for a while and sold only to fund a bigger keyboard.
I did not have previous experience with Novation synths, so for me it sounded just great (I know about rants that Novation did not continue Nova engine, but did not have a chance to play one, they were already rare or expensive at the time).

I think the strongest point are the performance features (aftertouch keyboard and pressure-sensitive knobs) and possibility to quickly edit patches. The engine was inherited by Circuits and Mininova and haven’t read many complaints about it :slight_smile: I liked the wavetable basses, chiptune sounds and the liquid filter. Some factory patches were quite sophisticated - used 3 oscillators and some arpeggiator and modulation tricks to create a multi-layered evolving sounds.
Yes, wished for a multitimbrality too.

Mine developed a power fault where it would regularly crash on power up (USB and mains), so it rarely comes out now Occasionally it’ll work for a while and then start playing up again.

I did have fun with it, though. It has a ton of modulation options and some very interesting LFO modes, including a number of melodic LFOs that can be combined with the arp to compensate for the lack of a sequencer. Throw in six (!) envelopes and a flexible FX chain and there’s plenty to explore.

The depth means it’s unavoidably monotimbral, but I think it more than compensates. The idea of it being an ‘older synth’, though, that’s a kick in the head.

@Bunker if I may. When these first came out I bought 2 of them and had them customised by Jeff at Custom Synths UK here’s a few photos. I don’t have them now (wish I had)

I had one done in Black and one in White.