Any love for Library music?

I’m a fan and I’m sure there are a few more around here.

I suppose I inadvertently got into it through the TV shows of my childhood and it was only years later I found out that these were Library pieces, many my the same handful of musicians/bands. Once I’d found out about folks like Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield and Brian Bennett I quickly realised I’d found many of those old pieces and themes. This was all years ago but a chat with a fellow ‘Naut the other day got me thinking about it again.

Any of you guys ever got involved with Library stuff? Played a few sessions or recorded and Library albums?

I’ll start it off with a bit of the best


Yes! The whole Bruton Music catalogue is a treasure trove. Likewise KPM.

I have a particular soft spot for Marguerite which UK Elektronauts may recognise as the gallery theme from Take Hart


The best.


True for the old ones with plain covers but I was once given some 80s vinyl KPMs and no matter how long I leave it the music never seems to become intriguing or quaint in any way. Mostly just bland or irritating. I keep them for the covers like

NOT a lost vapourwave classic lol

No resale value either it seems. But I won’t take them to Oxfam because they’ll just disappoint someone

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Worth a watch


Luke Viberts Nuggets series has some great stuff on…

I love library music and old funky soundtracks! This kind of grew out of my love for sampling and digging for samples, but developed into just a huge appreciation for this stuff, which stretches into even the old TV logo synth stuff.

I actually made a big playlist on Spotify for this kind of stuff.

I haven’t ever done any real library work, but I did take a few private lessons with a film/TV composer with the idea of someday trying my hand at this stuff.

Not anything too special, but some of the “beat battle” tracks I’ve done over the past couple of years kind of lean into this vibe.

This first track in particular is a mix of samples from records (vocals, violins, etc), VSTs (drums, electric piano, percussion, horns, etc), and even some live instruments (I’m quite proud of my backwards psychedelic guitar transition in the middle, lol).

I’m trying to put together an EP of original tracks (no sampling of other people’s material) that is in the same vein as the old 1970s library stuff. It’s going really slowly though.


I came across this one on YouTube today.

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