Any idea how to send out midi CC from Rytm II to external gear?

Am I wrong or is there NO WAY to let Rytm send out midi CC to external gear?

It’s limited to note value, length and velocity right?


When using the sequencer, you are correct.

As before, the pads and knobs can send CC messages.

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It’s possible with a midi processor, mapping notes velocity to CC values.

Here I control A4 perf CC with midi notes.
Works like a charm.



holy guacamole! yes.

what midi processor do you use? any recommendations?


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I used an Event Processor Plus. It’s the easiest to program I have (MEP4, A880, Event Processor Plus, Midipal, RK002, IConnectMidi2, Goliath. I’d like to have a Bomebox)

I see.
So for every external instrument (for example Prophet 6, OP1, H9 Eventide) I’d need to have a separate midi processor if I want to CC them from AR. Right?

If yes, thats some serious money to spend isn’t it?

You just have to use different midi channels to control different gear.

So one midi processor for several external instruments.

Next task: What if I’d want to control more than one parameter?
Lets say, I’d like to let track 04 of my Analog Rytm control the following parameters of my external Prophet 6:

  • Filter Cutoff
  • Filter Resonance
  • Volume
  • Distortion


I mapped each note to a CC :
Note number > CC number
Note velocity > CC value

I used it with A4, AR is more limited : 1 note per step, and 48 notes max apparently.
Possible to map specific notes to CCs.
So yes it’s possible to send several CCs, with those limitations.


thx again

Does anyone have a good explanation why you’re not able to control midi cc messages on the Rytm the same way as you can on the Digitakt? Seems like pretty much all the code already have been written. What am I missing?

The Analog Rhythm was not designed to be a MIDI sequencer. The UI was not designed to present MIDI tracks. The ability to send MIDI notes from the sequencer was only added years after the initial launch of the AR MkI.

Sure, but what’s stopping Elektronauts from adding this functionality now? I can think of several ways that it could be incorporated into the current machine without going against the original design intentions or breaking anything. For example, both Fn+AMP and Fn+LFO are unused.

I don’t know if I’m missing something since I don’t own a Digitakt and can’t verify how it works there, but to me, it just seems strange that this hasn’t been implemented.


It’s not a sequencer, it’s an analog drum machine…they can’t just put all features from all products in everything, it would cannibalize their sales and end up in bloated hardware

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I think it’s as much a sequencer as the Digitakt or the Octotrack. And with the midi out functionality now being added, it is, a sequencer.

However, I do accept the argument that it might make them sell fewer Digitaks. But then again, you might lose confident with your customers making them go to another product line all together. It’s a tight rope to walk I guess.

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People move to different manufacturers all the time , new products come out , people get bored , companies develop their own tech that out performs their old stuff ( all this is obvious I know )

Not sure why you care so much , these are just electronic products. If you need specific functionality sell your products and move on.
Recent updates were appreciated but I don’t expect companies to keep adding functionality to old gear just because it’s on a new device that has some cosmetic similarities.
And while adding new features might be easy in terms of a consumer asking for it , without knowing the technical architecture, available memory , how data is managed , defining new ui , additional qa , updating all the data structures and save/load functions … and bug fixing .and if it’s cost effective . it’s rarely ‘ copy and paste a bit of code ‘

CC sequencing is the one big thing that is missing from the Rytm. At this price point and having an elektron sequencer that sequences parameters, it is an almost offensive omission.
For no reason at all. Or maybe „Apple reasons“.
I haven’t bought an elektron product since 2015… sorry to say, but that’s entirely due to elektron‘s design choices.