Any good demos of A4MKII of a darker and gritter sound?

So I’m a fan of sounds like How to Destroy Angels or something like Ess’s album Granules by Auvrel.

I’ve had my eyes on the A4MKII and been searching for a good demo however I can’t find a demo that would convince me to get it.

Is the A4MKII capable of a good glitchy/gritty/dark sound?



Yes, very much so… There are sooo many options for sound design, I’m not sure there is something it can’t synthesize. LFO at audio rate on pitchmod, Feadback osc, AM…list is pretty long. Not sure about demo’s tho

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I don’t think this really fits with the genre you’re mentioning, but here’s the some of the grittyest sounds I’ve gotten out of my mki. The analog 4 definitely can do grit :slight_smile:
(this track is 100% A4 played live)

Like that?

Or this?


For that sound, get the Digitone instead!

Welcome to the forum too :slight_smile:

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Most of the demos on Youtube and such are usually more mellow styles like dub techno. The A4 (esp the mk2 with the enhanced distortion) is absolutely phenomenal for gritty and darker sounds. A couple short demo clips of stuff I’ve been working on - so you can hear what the A4 can really do.

Percussion and some textural/vocal bite samples (as you can hear) provided by Digitakt / Rytm. Everything else in the two tracks is unmastered and 100% Elektron boxes.

Yes, that FM-ish bassline is also from the A4, by modulating the OSCs with the high-freq tempo-synced LFO. :slight_smile:

Also, in terms of glitchy stuff, the envelopes are very very snappy IMO.

Edit: looks like Firefox is blocking the links because they’re just MP3s hosted on my domain. DM me if you want the direct links.


I have to say I have not found or listened any good inspiring demo/track made with the A4 so far

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If you want dark and gritty from Elektron boxes, look no further than Author & Punisher.
Just remember, you asked for dark and gritty :wink:


What I love Author and Punisher, didn’t even know that this was a video, this kinda sells it for me.

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That’s a pretty crazy video, thanks for sharing! The controller in his left hand… :exploding_head:

Cool but the sounds are a bit cheesy


He’s pretty mental - he builds everything himself and has even wierder machines in other videos!

How to destroy angels are one of my favourites. Digitakt can do a lot of killer gritty and glitchy sounds. The bit rate reducer on it rules. Plenty of sound design possibilities on the digitakt, not just a drum machine. A4 can certainly do dirty tones, it’s got a great overdrive circuit. Elektron gear is the way to go for what you want to do. Endless possibilities.

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Yeah I already have a DT and DN, love the DN, warming up to the DT. Wish the DT had more than just 1 LFO but I guess I’d be asking for an Octatrack haha.

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Oh awesome!! Yeah I love the DN and DT. They are killer together. I was also very interested in the A4 mk2 but instead just recently picked up an A4 mk1. Still early days with it but it sounds great.

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this maybe?

Thank you for having shared “how to destroy angel” it’s amazing

The A4 has some gritty personality for sure…
It’s interesting IMO because those percs are pretty hard to use but considering talent of this group those sounds really make sense…