Analog4 mkI polyphony and multiple outputs in Ableton

I just upgraded to Overbridge 2.0 and A4 1.41 and I was trying to record 4 separate outputs, one for each track. I realized that one of the tracks uses 3 voices of polyphony and when that track is playing it outputs each voice on a separate output(respectively outs 2,3,4) but uses the proper sound. Technically speaking I would assume that the polyphonic track should be sending all 3 voices to a single output. Is this a bug or normal behavior? Maybe I’ve got a setting wrong somewhere?

They come in as individual tracks, you could group the 3 tracks in ableton then record from the group to get 3 voices together I guess?

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Technically speaking the discrete analog voice is tapped at the respective FX send - each voice is implicitly separate as this is an analog voice, poly simply cannot happen like in a VA or whatever - theoretically there could be a possibility that those voices could be directed and summed and tapped digitally elsewhere but that involves cost and complexity given just how flexibly the internal poly can work

IIrc you can exclude a track from Mains, so then if you have three note poly on a Track you can use the Mains (with FX from all sending voices if you want too) and take the mono track out a separate output channel - or sum in a Mixer as described above

But the essence of how and where the voices are generated coupled with the OB tap ADC being at the FX send means that each individual voice is coming out separately, there’s no other possibility at the individual outs, so this is normal and unavoidable


yes, sending 3 to the mains might be better if you want to record the A4 effects on the 3 voices, 1 voice without effects


Thanks for the clarification. I was suspecting that it may be the way the hardware was originally designed since polyphony didn’t come until later. Looks like I will route my tracks with any polyphony to the main outs and exclude the mono tracks so they appear on their respective individual outs.

Alright then, off to check out the audio routing page and figure out how to do what I need to.