Analog Rytm samples

all of that is cool and with most i agree

I just don’t get what people get out of it. I have the same issue with bloggers posting up albums. like - “what do you get out of it?”. it’s only Internet props…

make beats with the machine and posts those up if you want to demonstrate the sound of the machine

why doesn’t elektron post up the samples? seems they would have the most to benefit or maybe not(?). lol but the reason they don’t is - it don’t make any goddamn sense

do what you want. ask yourself why you want strangers on the Internet to like you.

It’s a good things that people put samples of a gear on line, just because it can be usefull for anyone. No matter why people do that, the important thing is to put usable material on line, and we all know that samples are more usable than pattern.

Copyleft must be the way, everybody must have access to all ressources in the world. The ones who kept secrets, will be stollen, it’s a poor behavior.

share is the future.

Lars, thanks for your generosity


Your welcome.

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Ditto, my thanks as well for taking the time to do this.


The main reason for me sharing the samples was that peteohearn asked for samples of the AR to use in his Octatrack. I’ve already made some for my own personal use so I shared them to help him out. Has anyone made WAVs of the RYTM Pre-set one hits?

Sharing my samples at KvrAudio is about giving back something to the community of sampleheads over there. I’ve myself found a lot of useful and inspirational stuff there over the years and there’s a lot of people who just like me likes to collect and use samples from different drum machines and other instruments.

Do I like to get positive feedback from the guys/girls over at KvrAudio? Yes I do. But going so far to say that I want them to like me well that’s not what’s it about at all.

Your main concern seems to be that the rarity and the value of the AR gets affected by my samples. What do you mean? In what way?

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all i’m going to say is that sounds are a producers bread and butter. will anyone program the same? of course not… but name 1 producer that makes his sounds available while they are using them lol… you can’t! 10 years after the style is played out they will release all the drum sounds etc.

808s yeah…dmx yeah…909…all of those are out of production. AR is so new and in so much demand…people can’t even get their hands on it smfh

but the stock sounds are posted all over everywhere. again…if it was so harmless…why dont the companies do it? why doesn’t elektron do it? because it lessens the value of a machine.

you could have easily private messaged to the one person…but no…posted for all.

and its all good and everyone WHO DOESNT own the machine is gonna say yeah … post em up its FREE. lol

but what do YOU get out of it? stupid ass internet likes and props…

again…do you… people will get the samples anyway i suppose.

i just dont understand it. i guess most of you guys are just hobbyists nerding out and keeping up with the joneses on some gear shit

basic economic lesson…

the more samples that are out there…the less people will want and/or need the machine. the less people want the machine, the more the value of the machine will lessen. so a machine i paid 1549 for will sell for LESS. some people will invariably say…“i can get x amount of sounds of the AR for free - why pay $1549”…now will everybody have this mindset? of course not…but any lessening of demand lessens value.

do painters share paints they’ve mixed up themselves? do engineers you’ve paid to mix even give you the protools session?? lol. people protect the tools they use to get paid. its simple


People who are ready to pay 1500$ for an analogic drum machine don’t really care about a bunch of “static” samples. They will buy the machine for the dynamic of the sound, the pleasure to play, to create new sounds, to experiment…

Share few samples of the Rytm will just tease the curiosity of potential buyers (like me :joy: ).

It is nice to be a part of a community where people share their sounds, their advices, their tips and tricks…without expecting anything in return except maybe the same thing.

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do painters share paints they’ve mixed up themselves?
why yes they do well at least they give the colors and parts mixed so other artist can recreate it. they also go as far as to give their secrets away for free just look on you tube at all the " how to draw/paint ect on you tube

do engineers you’ve paid to mix even give you the pro tools session??
well yes if the music is theirs Ive seen some give it away, obviously they wouldn’t it if was copyrited or under contract. I remember minus having a bunch of their artist give away ableton session tracks with full recordings ect.

giving away 48 samples will not make the value of the Rytm less. With the machine you get sooooo many different possibility with twisting knobs ect. A sampler cant recreate that only the rytm can. What will make the rytm go down in value is everyone has one or some new kick ass gear comes out.

its really nice to have the basic samples up to use it saves me alot of time if i wanted to record them myself. Thanks Lars !!

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What absolute tripe !

Never in the history of gear of any type anywhere has the price of said gear been affected by there being samples of it posted on the internet. I defy you to name one piece of gear that has

Plenty of producers make sample packs as another means of income. They can be found in their millions all over the internet. A quick look at any site that does produce sample packs will reveal that they go out of their way to actually pay producers to make sample packs

Also what do you care if Lars wants to share some samples of his AR ?
Not like he’s infringing on any Elektron copyright.

WHAT ARE YOU GETTING OUT OF coming on here and complaining about it ?


I think it was Tarekith who made a MD and MNM sample pack/Ableton Live kit a few years back that I used a lot before actually buying both devices. In no way was it a substitution for the real deal and all the tweaking you can do, but it was enough to further my interest in buying them.


like i said

yes producers sell the sounds 10 years later

if samples helped sales…elektron would post the sounds!

i come here to share/gain insight on the machine

when i saw his foolishness. i replied.

how long has the machine been out? why hasn’t anyone (ANYONE) posted up samples of the AR? lol

have fun with your hobby!


you have quite a nerve to come on here and call us all “hobbyists”

without any prior knowledge of what anyone here actually does for a living

I’m going to presume that you are also a “hobbyist” because

A) never heard of you

B) you’re music is pretty crap

have fun collecting every royal cent so that when you do hit the big time

you can sell your AR samples then…

in ten years

@old hydro law: my troll detector is smoking and your argument is silly. please refrain from posting in this thread.

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I guess dionysiananarchy told a friend about elektronauts?

Anyway, thanks for these samples! I hope they don’t lower the value of the Rytm when I try them out in my Octatrack! :wink:

@cocker lol @ my music being crap…

MCA records, stones throw, mello music, fat beats, priority records etc and many hip hop GIANTS would disagree with you…

as well as the signed checks

but that is neither here nor there.

the reason i said y’all must be hobbyists because i have never ever in 30 years of being in studios seen a producer give away his sounds. maybe its a hip hop mindset…

but like i said…i’ve paid pros to mix records and they don’t even give you access to the session because they dont want you to see what they did. lol. kanye got lambasted for saying he took eminems sound disk.

its all good. didn’t mean to offend your sensibilities by calling you “hobbyists”.

having a hobby is good!



Old hydro Law you must be douche to work with since you brag to “hobbyist” on internet forums.

If your as awesome as you say you are you really wouldn’t care if someone put up samples of a machine. Seems like you might feel releasing samples is a threat to your work you do. Which is silly, because if your stuff is good no sample pack will take that away.

So if everyone should keep secret their, trick/tips and other secret formula…why subscribe to a forum?

Nevermind… just a pro troll for hobbyist.


those are one hit samples? lol
good reach though. helping me prove my point