Analog Rytm MKII OS 1.40D


Those settings are not actually part of the Kit though !

None of the parameters of the leftmost (Trig)page are part of the Kit, those are track/pattern parameters - if you want consistent syn/samp/synsamp then chose your machines wisely (e.g. Disable synth) or reduce levels or don’t load a sample etc


Interesting. That’s good info to know. So then those settings should be saved when you save the project? Thx!


I’m still on version 1.40B. I never upgraded to 1.40C because I feared I may start having some of the issues I’d been reading about. I have had no issues with my unit since I got it a couple months ago, other than the pop sound upon start up but I thought that was normal. Am I supposed to upgrade to 1.40C or now 1.40D? Or are these updates solely for users who are having problems?


Find release info here:
No problems here with 1.40D and no problems upgrading.


is this how many people bought the ar2?


Haha +1


I’ve been told by Elektron support that this update has no bearing on freeze problems. Those units should still be returned.


I never been problems with my ar mk2. Now with 1.40 d upgrade i have freeze constantly problem. And i loose my midi connection with subsequent 37… Anyone can help’s me ???


Recently upgrade to the latest 1.40D and had my first unit freeze after a couple weeks.
Before that all was fine during months


To add to the confusion: contrary to what Elektron said, Thomann sent me back my unit without hardware fixes but upgraded with OS 1.40D. I was skeptical at first but I’ve had it running for extend periods of time now and it doesn’t seem to freeze anymore.

This was before 1.45 came out. Now upgrading to that.