Analog Rytm MKII OS 1.40D

OS 1.40D for Analog Rytm MKII is now available for download in the support section at []( This is a bug fix release, eliminating the temperature related issue a small number of units have been experiencing. [Upgrade today!](

Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!

Make sure to upgrade when the unit is cold/have been turned off for a couple of hours.

It will not harm the unit if it’s done when warm, but the upgrade of the UI firmware will fail. This is detected by that the unit takes longer to boot and that the pads flashes more than once(normally the button flashes once and pads once shortly after). If this is the case let the unit cool and the next time you boot up the unit it will try to update the the UI board automatically.


How about mk1? Dual vco pls? :slight_smile:


This is a bug fix release - MkI doesn’t have the overheating issue that’s addressed here.


I dont know man, mine’s pretty hot.
Black box of sexyness;)


Oh boy, let’s hope this fixes the MK2 issues :crossed_fingers:


Updated to 1.40D - machine was room temperature (cold) - unit consistently takes several seconds longer to boot (after multiple attempts to boot it). Lights flash at least twice on boot.

Does this mean it’s not updating the UI firmware?


Normal operation is that buttons flashes once and pads once shortly after(so, yes the unit flashes twice but the pads once).
If the updates fails it’s more than that.


I get a button flash, pad flash in red then pad flash in white.

It’s consistently about 3-4 seconds longer to boot now - is that expected?


Contact support.




Great Olle! thanks. is this upgrade recommended for all MK2 users? also if they don’t experience the UI freeze issue?


Then it’s not really necessary to update as it includes nothing else. The fix will be in all the firmware versions forward.


Does it help if you put the unit in freezer before updating?


Liquid nitrogen works best


Hi @Olle,

I’m just curious: could you maybe share some background with regards to what the problem was, e…g. “the flux capacitor was run at too high a current which caused the …” - you get the idea.



Hope this fixes the locking up issues…I returned TWO instruments.
Would LOVE a Rick solid one!!!


No, you should be fine at room temperature. The fridge(not the freezer) might be worth a try if you run into issues.

There were temperature-dependent properties of certain components on the UI board, which are also slightly different for each unit, were not taken into account by the firmware, and that led to errors in communication between the different microcontrollers.


Thanks a lot!


I updated to 1.40D. My current AR2 hasn’t ever froze on me. This is my 2nd unit (first one had freeze issues). I am getting a new bug though. Sometimes my “Function + _____” doesn’t work. I was trying to do Function + Save Kit or Function + Save Project and nothing would happen. It always worked fine before. It seems to work fine most of the time, but sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m also still getting the bug of new saved kits reverting back to the old kit settings. For example, I save a kit that has a kick drum with the synth engine off, and only the sample on, but the next time I recall that same kit, the synth engine is back on.

I submitted a support ticket just to make them aware of these minor bugs.