Analog Rytm MK2 Q much sample storage?
2. how much project ram?
3. confirm no control all feature?
4. can you record scrolling through the sample pool into the sequencer like you can on the Digitakt?

  1. is there an easy way to back up an entire project including all samples and sequences?

  2. does the rytm mk2 have the scale feature?

  3. does the rytm mk2 have individual track length feature?

  4. does the rytm mk2 have side chain comp?

thanks in advance for your help

i don’t own one… but… a lot of these questions are answered directlyon the AR MKII product page… .

i’m guessing you can find the other answers in the manual.


thanks for your response, I couldn’t find anything about # 4 would you happen to know about the scrolling?

no idea… i wasn’t aware of that feature on the digitakt but i don’t own one of those either. that’s a really cool feature.

yeah Iove that feature and it’s become important, for example there is the sample swap feature on the model samples but it cannot record the switching in realtime either which makes it very different in workflow and results… :frowning:

  1. Control-all is possible through midi loop (see @sezare56’s posts on this), as well as through @void’s Strom app.

I found the track lengths in the manual ( 11.10 SCALE MENU

The length and timing of the pattern can be changed on this screen. Two modes exist in the SCALE menu. In NORMAL mode all tracks share the same length. In ADVANCED mode each track can have di erent lengths. Access the SCALE SETUP menu by pressing [FUNC] + [PAGE]. Use the [LEFT] and [RIGHT]arrow keys to select between the available settings. Use the [UP] and [DOWN] keys to adjust the di erent settings and to select between the two modes.)

but it doesn’t reference the ‘scaling feature’ so I’m still not sure if you can have different scaling on different tracks?

thank you will look into those post.

  1. 1GB total
  2. 64mb
  3. No CA
  4. Yes
  5. Sysex for projects, songs, patterns, kits, sounds and Transfer App for samples
  6. No scale per track, only master for now
  7. Yes
  8. Yes

wow thank you so much!! I appreciate it!

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AFAIK there is no simple/easy way to completely back up the AR2 (incl samples). I wish there were, because if I ever have to reload all my samples and put them into their proper places it’s going to be a nightmare.