Analog rytm mk2, ju-06a, sp404 mk2 midi connect?

I currently have analog rytm mk2, ju-06a, and sp404 mk2

I won’t use a computer, and I don’t know how to connect to the midi, so I’ll ask you a question

  1. Is it possible to sequence Ju-06a products with analog rhythm mk2? Analog rhythm (midil out), ju-06a (midi in) When i connect a midi, the tempo is matched together, when i play the rhythm. But I want to sequencing ju-06a in the analog rhythm mk2 itself.

  2. If i play in sp404 mk2 pattern mode, sp404 mk2 external is turned off, how can i connect ju-06a and rytm mk2 to sp 404 mk2?

  3. My final goal is to connect analog rhythm mk2, Ju-06a, and sp404 mk2 and finally listen to everything in sp404 pattern mode.

Please give me a connection tip. thank you.