Analog rytm mk2 buttons

I bought Analog Rytm mk2 from I received it today, and tested it. Then Record, Playback, and Stop buttons won’t work as supposed. The reason why Elektron changed the buttons from mk1 is that there are a lot of demand due to the loudness of the buttons in mk1. Now I have mk2, but the button is not working if I press smoothly. I have to press hard the buttons to make it work properly. The issue makes me not using the live recording mode, which needs to press two buttons together. Here is the link.

I have OT mk1. The buttons on OT mk1 is beautiful and never had an issue. I don’t know what’s going on mk2. Hey guys what’s wrong with it?

The same issue is discussed extensively for Digitakt - there seems to be a reliable body of evidence that it eases with repeated pressing - for sure it’s not ideal QA, but it’s surely better to break it in than the hassle of a return - as ever ymmv, if in doubt after reading other users’ experiences / solutions then ask support

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