Analog Rytm Mk2 Bass Drum and Overbridge issue (plus other Overbridge problems)

Hey all,

I just got an Analog Rytm Mk2 and when reading the manual discovered Overbridge. As I’m a huge fan of software editors I got really excited and started setting it up right away. For the most part I got it working but my bass drum is having some issues.

When playing the bass drum produces a burst of static that I can’t seem to get rid of. I’ve tried turning down overdrive, getting rid of any noise, playing with the attack, changing the buffer rate, changing the driver, and basically everything else I can think of. This only happens when Overbridge is active, not when audio is routed directly into Ableton using the TRS cables. Does anyone have any suggestions? It’s infuriating.

Another problem - VST’s for Overbridge aren’t showing up in the VST folder (Ableton 10 64 bit with Overbridge 64 bit). I’ve copied the VST’s from the install location into my dedicated VST folder and nothing shows.

I’ve restarted and reinstalled more times than I care to count. Overbridge mode is activated in the USB Config folder. The most current update is installed on the hardware as well. The current set up is Analog Rytm Mk2 -> USB -> USB Hub -> PC -> Ableton 10 64 bit (with the most recent updates for everything). Any help is appreciated!