Analog mk2 grey and black comparison

I have 1.60A on a black Mk2 and it’s still mega bright. Also was there some confusion about the OS updating all the Mk2s? I was under the impression it was something they did on black Mk2s only due to the increased contrast.

Oh, hmm maybe? Seems like it’d be more work than it’s worth to set up two color tables depending on the device esp since the grays are discontinued tho. hmm.

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I looked up the release notes for 1.60 and 1.60A, no mention of LED brightness. I think it’s a hardware thing only. Black ones are supposedly dimmer.

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interesting. it’s like an entirely different color. like the red is salmon pinkish and green is like a “spearmint” color it’s really nice. I figured they just added a trim on the output and mixed in some white percentage to all the colors. :S that’s a bummer if it’s actually different LEDs. doesn’t seem like it would be tho.

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It could be that the OS looks up what version of the unit is being used on start up and changes accordingly? I’m not techy enough for these kind of things tho :slight_smile:

And agreed that the new colours are beautiful!

Edit: Here it says: “New look. New lights. New music.”


The small red LEDs on my Rytm mkII black are crazy bright!
That’s my main complaint about the Rytm mkII compared to mkI or Analog Keys.

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I don’t have this issue on the grey mk2

But it also says new backlit color pallet which to me says they changed the color values. Not the hardware itself

I’m running the latest firmware on both units. Now that it is evening where I am located I can see the difference you’re talking about. It’s kind of hard to pick up on camera but I think you can make it out in the image below

The greens and reds are a more soft shade on the black units. The whites are identical. The brightness of the LEDs seems mostly the same, except for the aforementioned sequencer page LEDs on my black unit.


This was the same with early and later runs of Digitakt. I have two Digitakts. The one I got early on had a green that was very saturated like a Christmas green. The Digitakt I bought a year later had a lighter, almost minty green shade to the lights.



The sexy goth looks good by the photocopier.

Surprisingly, as an owner of a grey A4, who loved the look of the new black analogs and wondered why elektron had made the orginal ones in office colours-I find looking at the pictures of the grey and black analog together- the grey looks better. Though the combination might be the answer.


In case anyone ends up here and wonders what the opposite looks like! :laughing:


Hmmm…I just realized that the surface of the black MK2s are prone to fingerprints… stains / are really tough to keep clean. Not only dust but also all sorts of smearing is reducing the joy :grinning: My Digitone/Digitakt look like new without cleaning them (besides blowing some dust off) - after years. A4 looks like it could get a thorough clean soon after 1-2 weeks.

I guess I like the black … but this is a dealbreaker for me. I will switch to the grey MK2s I think. Then again… oh damnit. Any tips for cleaning? :grinning:

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Have you tried a humid microfiber cloth?

Grey MK2…not available anymore…only black… :unamused:


They go for pretty good prices used though. Seems most users prefer the black at the moment. They’ll come around though :wink:

I may be biased, as I own both of the grey mkii’s, I think the grey just looks sharper/more refined than the black


Hmmm i don´t see any for a good price s/h so far. Would like to trade in for a Maschine+…
Lowest i could find was 1280.-€ in Germany. For MK2 black ppl ask 1450…
1589 new…ouch…