Analog Keys Overbridge lfo speed stepped note sync


i just bought a Analog Keys on ebay today. i am very happy and hope i have it soon to try it out.
i have looked about overbridge and just installed it without the hardware and what i do not understand is, if it is possible to tempo sync the lfo speed
and to dial in exactly stepped note durations like 1/4 1/8 1/16 etc. It seems like the speed parameter are only continous from -64 to 0 to + 64 and the multplier. Is there any possiblitiy to have stepped note durations like 1/4 1/8 1/16 etc which would be nice for tempo synced note stepped wobbling of the filter cutoff. Otherwise it would be stupid to use a plugin for that and not being able to use the nice real analog filter. Of course you can dial things in just with hearing and feeling but most softsynth and other hardware
boxes can do that today.
If not is there any workaround to use the Lfo/filter that way?

Please Help


If you set speed to one bar with multiplier set to 1, you’ll get :
1/4 with multiplier 4
1/8 with multipler 8

Edit : speed 64 seems to be 2 bars with multiplier 1. Above doesn’t work. :sketchy:
Speed = 64
M1 > 2 bars
M2 > 1 bar
M4 > 1/2
M8 > 1/4

Maybe a better workaround with :
Multiplier = 128
Speed = 1 > 1 bar
Speed = 2 > 1/2
Speed = 4 > 1/4

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Useful to try searching too, keeps things tidy - this topic is well covered


Thanks a lot !

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Thanks a lot!