Analog Keys individual audio outs routing question

Is it possible to freely assign any voice(s) to any of the outs? So like as long as they aren’t overlapping with voices from other tracks, could I have chords or even 4 voices in unison routed to an individual output?

No. See the “Voice Routing” section of the manual. Voices go to their individual outputs, and can also be sent to the Main outputs.


You mean each individual output is dedicated to a specific corresponding voice, so that the only voice you’d ever get out of say output 3 would be voice 3 with no exception, end of story?



I see. Many thanks for the rapid answer. The only way then to be able to use external effects like flanger, overdrive etc with patches that use chords or unison would be to dedicate the main outs for that purpose? Aren’t the internal effects also for the main outs only?

Well, you could combine the individual outs with a mixer.

And, yes, the internal effects are send effects, so on the main outs only.


I suppose I could if there’s a way to stop other patches that I don’t want to go to the mixer from entering the individual outs.

You can set individually for each kit (or alternatively use a global setting) which voices go to effects and which voices go to main out.
Afaik individual outs are always active, but why not mute on the mixer?


I see. Thanks. Despite it only having 4 voices I thought I could maybe take advantage of AK’s super fast switching between patches and be able to have chords and unison patches in a pattern along with bass and drums as well. I don’t see having to manually muting the mixer as practical in this context.

Seems it should work as long as I can make do with the internal effects