Analog Heat

Exactly. I predict people sharing music pushed to 11 to show off their heat. Personally speaking I find this would be useful for processing single instruments/stems, my main goal would not be as a master bus. But i can see the appeal for live musicians to throw it in the chain.


Just had a try of the AH in person. Had some drum loops and an analog keys running through it on some monitor speakers in-store. Definitely gonna be my next purchase. Possibly tomorrow even. I was really impressed with it.

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FYI I’m on the verge of buying an Elysia Karacter too. I’m on this GAS rampage.


Do it :slight_smile: Be interested in hearing users opinion on AH overlap/quality/what tasks each unit shines most at.

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Someone mentioned earlier about possible Analog Heat science lab (is that what the battles are called? My memory sucks…) comp? Rad idea… I definitely can’t afford to buy one atm and would be fun excuse to focus on my Elektron gear on a track…
Maybe mods can pass the suggestion forward?

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It would’ve been so cool if Elektron made the CV ins of the AH alternatively function as CV outs. Since the AH already has an envelope and LFO, it would’ve been much more useful for me to be able to use them to modulate other gear with the AH. I was picturing the envelope/LFO of the AH modulating the parameters of the Elysia Karacter. That could be such an awesome pairing if this were possible.

To be honest i didn’t get it when Elektron announced the Analog Heat, but lately after messing around with some distortion AU effects on my master, things sounds way better with some Subtile distortion added. I also found that adding an “ADT” effect “Automatic Double Tracking” like the Soundtoys Microshift on the master, takes it to another level, and i managed to actually finish tracks now!! Something was always missing and i was stuck messing with the Same loop.

If i were Elektron, i would have called the produkt “Elektron Analog Finalizer” and I would have included a Compressor, ADT, Distortion, EQ, Filter, “Mono maker” and a Limiter/Maximizer, kind of like a Hardware iZotope Ozone device, but next level. Now, That product would have been highly versatile and would have the opportunity to reach a far wider market, outside the “Elektron world”.


Hahaha such a device existing under 10000 euro you can find that :slight_smile:
That’s called a chain of Elysia Nvelope + Distressor + Fatso or Analog Heat + Avalon VT737
TC finalizer is kind of OK… :slight_smile:
UAD is more affordable in home studio :stuck_out_tongue:
(I dream about that analog chain device thought but i let that to Professional Studio) :airplane: :credit_card:

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elysia nvelope + carakter + xpressor + xfilter
in a 500er rack
complete stereo
about 4000 bucks
seems payable

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Yes but only Elysia… but yes … :slight_smile:

no user experience yet?


My wife just mailed me this nice picture :heat:

need patience, must resist , work till 17:00h :evil:


Be cool with your wife, go to bed before 4.00AM :innocent:


Not user yet but played it In Amsterdam ADE. I was nicely surprised about the filter resonance sounding much more gritty and hairy than other elektron gear, you can full crank it without sibilance or glassy tones. The pre filter drive is also a nice feature; to my ears the filter section sounds quite musical and warm.
LFO rate goes up to 2K, allowing some cool audio range stuff. EQ sounds fine and discrete. There’s plenty of assignable parameters but didn’t try it. The dry-wet knob allows a lot of sweet spots when shaping the sound.
Personally I still didn’t make my mind about this box but I can say it sounds really good and is very “playable” Once you have it you’ll probably use it everywhere.


Bro that boxart is hot!


It look super IKEA to me, but I dig it.


i think also ikea boxart is hot


Does anyone know whether Elektron currently has them in stock ready to ship? Looks like shop stock in the UK has been pushed back.

:heat: video