This is worth a look in


I have Filterbox 2: Love it
also Restyler: Love it same
Heat: Love it
Each machine has its own sound and aesthetics.
only a question of money.
bytheway hermi the shermi will release a smaller filterbox unit soon


How did you hear about the next Sherman creation? Yea the restyler can be smooth or agressive


Hermi the shermi asked on facebook inspiration for new name


Won’t this rather be two filters in series?


Hello, Here are two videos of Analog Rytm into Elysia Karacter :


I’ll tell you what it means,

The other night, as I was processing a stem through my HEAT, i started to get that garrbled, pitchig up and down digital noise one gets when thier converters are malfunctioning,

No, problem, I play with my buffer size Same thing.

Being on a deadline and not having time for this B’S I decide to route the stem to a pair of outputs and process it through the heat manually, that is to say analog in analog out.

MUCH TO MY SURPRISE The defect continued to reproduce it’s self via the ANALOG outputs, do you know what it means when you get converted artifacts and malfuctions through your analog outputs?


and therefore (Through I had always had a suspicion the HEAT doesn’t really SOUND analog)

The Elektron heat IS NOT ANALOG, you are pssing though converters no matter how you proccess it


It is not a secret that the Analog Heat has AD/DA conversion. It is an audio interface.


hooper: terrible.dee is saying much more than this, he is saying that the signal path goes through an analog to digital and then back to analog conversion. I presume then he means the effects are done digitally as well, though he doesn’t explicitly say this.

I don’t believe either assertion is true <= but does it matter? It’s what you hear that counts. If it sounds ‘digital’ (to you) and you want it to sound ‘analog’ that’s a no go.

By the way

The Heat sounds analog to me.


Amended: You might want to check your gain staging.


His Heat could also be broken. The way t.d describes this it seems to have come on all of a sudden.


Another interesting budget device in this category is the Electrix Filter Factory.


I’ve had my eye on the AH for awhile now, but I’m really interested to see how the OTO Boum turns out. If I can do things with the Boum like side-chaining via midi triggers with my Digitakt, it’d be very difficult to resist.


It is the first time it’s exibited the behavior, I described

I’m thinking the most logical explanation would be, the straight distortion and filter circuits are analog, but something else, be it the EQ most likely it’s the envelope or LFO, are not and the entire signal passes through converters to be modulated by them

Also, for s**ts and giggles, I thought I’d A-B the ADDA converters with my expensive ones, but the output is extremely low, I’m using a preamp into the line level in, and my input gain is at it’s threshold. The output signal is not at a usable level, will re-check manual for remedy

BTW to the other poster who’s suggested remedy to ADDA converter artifacts was “check your gain staging” I suggest googling both terms and brushing up on their definitions.

It’s like you telling me you have a flat tire and my reply being “brush your teeth”


Well, I’ve discovered what was going on with my low input,

It may help others to know that my heat seems to recognize TWO sets of inputs in interface mode

I would assume there is one pair for stereo input signals than another two inputs which are straight monolines of the left and right,

To the poster who was going to buy special cables to make full use of the stereo fx on a mono input, I don’t believe that’s necessary, going in through the mono input achieves that, interesting


It will be interesting to hear more about the resolution of this problem, ‘terrible.dee’.

It’s spurred my thoughts, and i looked back through the Heat User Manual, just as you have, and in particular pg 12 to the signal and modulation flow diagrams. This comparison really spotlights the difference between the Heat and the Sherman.

All current Elektron Analog products, are really an advanced mix of analog and digital. As i understand it the signal paths are all analog but the control of that analog is done digitally. I would assume the Heat’s envelope follower for instance is detecting an analog signal and converting that to digital data which is then processed digitally, along with a digital LFO and sent to the various modulation destinations where they digitally control the analog processing of the analog signal. So potentially that digital data could be distorting (in a bad digital way). I don’t know if that is relevant to what you are hearing.

I would also say, barring broken hardware, toggling the ‘active’ button should clear any distortions – or something is wrong at the input and/or output connected to the Heat – be that input be from, or that output be to, an analog or an Overbridge digital connection.