I found this:


Filterbank sounds killer.

Edit - Has filterbank price gone up recently? Nearly £600 atm. Sure I saw it for approx £450 last time I checked?


400 is the going used price at the mo. Just got mine delivered and hooked up, will be back in a few hours :dark_sunglasses:


Thanks for the find. I’m completely mesmerized by the fingerless glove worn by the person in that video. Can’t stop watching it all play out. Like, if only I had thought to wear a glove while making beats, perhaps my own beats would become just as hard and ‘street’?


Yes the restyler is a beast and makes vinyl loops sound creamy.


Ah, I probably got mixed up with used prices I’d seen. Great sounding unit from almost every video of I’ve seen of it. Enjoy!


The filterbank and the AH sound too different to compare IMO. Like apples and oranges.

Still, I like what the filterbank does to the kickdrum, somehow distorts around it rather than at the edge of it, if that makes any sense. But skewed the freq response as well, dulled most of the high freqs quite a bit…

Your dist settings were quite OTT by the way, the AH drive was maxed out??


Also worth considering is the Schippmann Ebbe und Flut filter. I remember being blown away by some of the demos coming out when it was released, and now I finally own one. The tone is so freaking great!

It does distortion really well, but it is of course not primarily a distortion / tone box like the Heat. Still thought it relevant to thread with people bringing Sherman and Niio Iotine etc in


If you want to pay what, 3-4x the cost of the Heat?


I think they usually go for 12-1300 euro or something, but I found mine for 670 eur, which is cheaper than a new Heat, right?

Hardly 3-4x times the cost of a Heat though. But even the Heat is just insanely expensive, so :slight_smile:


Last sale i can see on eBay is $2350 here, roughly 3.25x the cost of the Heat ($719 currently in the States.)


Oh, well, I guess that’s good for me if I ever want to sell it.

Thanks for the heads up.


the last unit sell by analog heaven cost 2300 . You have a very good price.
at the beginning he cost like two sherman .


I TOTALLY would have picked one up at your price!


Seems that the AH launch prompted Sherman to make some more demo videos these last weeks. The most recent ones display a feature that the AH doesn’t have; internal feedback!


nice link


Some nice Merzbow-ish tones there.


I like both and find that their applications differ as much as they do. I use the AH for texturing/boosting & SF for designing/destroying sounds.

I use the AH on the mix. It has a brilliant compression quality and snaps everything together.
I find the SF works better on single elements. It has a rich depth about it and can warp unbelievable harmonics out of the simplest sound.


You can feedback the heat too, just connect the L output back into the R input. Obviously this will result in a mono signalpath.