Analog Heat - True hybrid studio production

Elektron Analog Heat!

What Elektron have done with this device can not be under stated - in my humble opinion it is nothing less than revolutionary - a ground breaking endeavour that has the potential to move Elektron to the absolute forefront of true hybrid audio studio production -

With one usb cable connected to a computer analog heat instantly becomes a plugin within your daw allowing the seamless integration of the analog circuitry within your project - no interface needed no additional cable’s required just plugin and play - instant access to real analog processing - this is staggering - the future of hassle free audio hybrid studio production has arrived - and I’m truly grateful -

What I can see ahead -

Elektron Analog Heat usb hybrid processing :white_check_mark:

Elektron Analog Compression usb hybrid processing

Elektron Analog EQ usb hybrid processing

Elektron Analog Reverb usb hybrid processing

Elektron Analog Delay usb hybrid processing

Imagine having a bunch of Elektron Analog Heat style device’s all connected to a dedicated usb hub (usb patch bay) giving you instant access to real analog Compprission EQ Limiting Reverb etc all hot swappable Via a single usb cable (per unit) - this is the future -

Elektron have started something unstoppable and I can say in all honesty that I am waiting for other products to be announced and that it would appear at this stage pointless considering an analogue 500 series module product - pointless considering a 19" rack mountable analogue product - because Elektron have already given a glimpse of the future - consolidating the need for studio analogue products into a sleek one cabled seamlessly integrated true hybrid studio device -

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I’m pleased you’re enjoying yours.

Personally I hated it. 3 times fact, but I still wish I could grow to enjoy it.

Not going to try a fourth time though.

Why did you not like the device?

For me - it’s perfect for giving real overdrive distortion to my signals during sound design - and then - across the master bus for mastering - give more grit warmth and sparkle -

What’s not to love about it :relaxed:

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Quite simply, I didn’t like it’s sonic character.


I do understand - and maybe future device’s will offer more to please the sonic pallet -

But - just to sit at a computer with a daw running a keyboard and mouse connected and a single cabled hybrid device like Heat - is a breath of fresh air -

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Elektron - True hybrid studio production - Do More With Less -

100% Agree with you, the fact you can use this in a hybrid setup and routing it via VST is how I use the Heat nearly all of the time. The beauty is it sits in my Dawless chain connected via USB. So without any rewiring or patching I can instantly use it for either application. The fact you get both makes it better than both a Standalone distortion pedal and a VST.

I especially like that it works in series with other OB devices. So for example I can have my Analog Keys running through overbridge, while effecting it with the heat through overbridge at the same time.

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Agreed. I love my MkII and run everything through it.

It feels like it was always meant to be part of the Analog Four MkII but they split it off so every device could benefit from it. I really feel the A4 MkII is missing something when it’s not run through it on at least the Sat circuit.

Do y’all not struggle with the lag from the OB plugin?

I couldn’t keep anything in sync, so I stopped using OB on the Heat entirely and now I just use the audio ins/outs on my interface to record.

I love it, and I primarily use it via Overbridge. That said, 99% of the time I’m using it with the Clean Boost circuit so make of that what you will :wink:

I went through a phase of buying hardware thinking that a hybrid setup was the next logical step in my setup, only to realise later that I’m much more productive and comfortable working in-the-box - I still kept using hardware, but as its own separate thing. Overbridge is an absolutely perfect way of bridging that gap for people like me, and was one of the main reasons I picked up the AH in the first place - that level of integration within a software environment is something I wish more manufacturers took an interest in.

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How significant is the lag when using Overbridge? I’ve tried OB a couple times on the DT/DN, but don’t have the Heat.

I spend more time with hardware than software, but it sounds like the Heat could be a great way to bridge those, if the latency isn’t something crazy. I once read someone saying it was adding like 60ms – is it really that much?