Analog Heat noise


Hi guys!
I use the Analog Heat as a send/return effect in my mixer. Trouble is that it brings me too much noise in.
Did any of you have a solution for that?


…check ur cableconnections…i use the heat also classic way send return and don¡t have any troubles with basic hummings or any groundfloornoise issues…or maybe ur usual overall gainstaging is way too pushed…and check for the eq on the heat…12 o clock is mid weighted…any other position is turning heights down or pushes them…


I use the Heat in the same way. The only noise I hear comes from the envelope/lfo sweeping resonance.


That s strange…


It requires careful gain staging. Maybe you’ve gone through all that and are still getting noise, in which case you might have a defective unit. My heat will develop a very small high end hiss after a few hours of use, but it’s almost inaudible.

Input volume is crucial, the stronger the input signal the better, try to adjust the source so the heat input volume is set to low and the peaks are a bar below the line. Amp volume can be turned up a bit to help boost the volume going back to the mixer.


I have also made a thread about AH noise. I had way too much hiss. My conclusion is now, however, that it «was me» - I didnt operate it well. Taking some more time getting the signal right really solved the whole thing for me.




Mind you, its a bit of a process every time for me, no set and forget across projects/tracks (at least not when I feel I should be a bit critical). Somebody in some thread wrote a great, detailed gain staging description, but alas I cant seem to find it now…


I get the same issue sometimes but it has more to do with what I’m doing with the compressors. The compressor in the RYTM makes a bunch of noise unless I adjust it correctly and the OT has some of the same issues with the compressor if I push the gain too much. It’s all about balancing everything when doing gain staging. Check to make sure your input sensitivity isn’t really loud.

Edit: I also noticed that when the USB was connected with ableton it would produce a louder noise… maybe try disconnecting it. It has to do with the Drive, Wet, and Vol changing when plugged into the USB… Doesn’t seem to recognize the settings I had when working with it not plugged in. I think the key issue here is not to have Wet, & Vol over 100. It’s just like on the RYTM and OT… those manuals talk about… because you are boosting the volume from 0 it is distorting it a little.



I’ve put up with the hiss for a year with mine until tonight I found this thread while considering parting with my Heat. I usually combated it by lowering the output on Heat and compensating in the DAW. Amp volume was the culprit in my case. I can’t believe it took me this long. Ridiculous. Anyway, works great now! Thanks for your original thread about this!


Cool man! Id be interested in a description of your gain settings so that i could see if they improve on how i run mine currently…?


Can you share the settings @EightySix? I’ve been fiddling with the Amp volume and I get considerable noise using the High Gain and Classic Dist circuits while cranking the drive and having full wet signal with highest Wet Level. The other circuits are OK, Mid Drive might get some noise. The noise for High Gain is ridicolous actually :confused:


Well… yeah, it’s a gain effect, among other things. Noise is pretty much inescapable, and adding gain will magnify noise you wouldn’t hear otherwise.


I want to think you’re trolling me here. I mean no offense at all but I wasn’t talking about hearing noise when using High Gain or using full drive or wet. I was having noise while using modest amounts of drive and wet and this was on the Saturation or even the Clean Boost circuits. I would definitely expect a ton of noise while cranking the drive and wet, especially on the High Gain or any of the four circuits to the right of the selector. This is a quick reply, I may get back to you with those settings when I have more time. My solution was changing input sensitivity to max and never going above 50-70 on the amp volume.


Definitely not trolling you, I’m new to the distortion thing. Thanks for answering!
But that is good news I guess. I will just have to crank it in time with the instrument to avoid all that noise then.


You could use a noise gate to cut background noise when the synth is not playing


Ah, good idea!


of course high gain also means “high noise gain”

Guitarists use noise gates for a reason


Heat gain staging diagram: