Analog Heat mkii redundant to Rytm? Haha asking AFTER I already bought it:)


Hello! Ok I have to laugh at myself that I bought the analog heat yesterday (will be here in a few days) before fully appreciating whether it’s filters, lfo/modulation etc are similar enough to the Rytm mkii I already own that it’s somewhat redundant?

I’m coming from two perspectives: 1) seems I can do a lot to a rytm song with Rytm lfo, modulation, filter and distortion and perfs of all that almost as well as the heat can do? 2) when I figure out/when it’s fixed in OB how to rout external sources through a track and process audio in the rytm that way, won’t that be similar to the heat?

Regardless, it seems to be an amazing tool/effect but more of a luxury item?

I was already looking for some new distortion and fuzz pedals so that’s one reason I just pulled the trigger, although the analog drive would have satisfied for just that I believe. I just cannot resist elektron filters and lfos!

Anyways, your thoughts would be enjoyable while I wait for this to roll in!



I have both and have many complementary uses for them. The most obvious: there is no filter on the main bus of the rytm. Want to filter sweep the entire drum track? Bring in the heat.

Other use: put the heat in parallel, not in line, with the rytm (either with the dry/wet control of the heat or with mixer routing). A whole new dimension for sound shaping there. Especially with more fx units in the chains.

Don t like the overdrive tone of the rytm? Heat has many more.

Don t worry, the heat is an awesone tone shaping tool that is absolutely not redundant to the rytm.


@dtr ahh true about no master filter on rytm…though I have made filter sweep perfs on each track, which is much more laborious but doable.

I’m excited to try the envelope follower on the heat.

I think I will love it but still thinking it’s luxury rather than an entirely different tool??? I’ll keep watching vids on it!



Most earthlings regard the rytm and all of our tools/toys to be luxury :wink:


@dtr hahaha, I thought everyone needed a drum machine.

Food, water, rytm?

Maybe clothing and shelter after that:). Then maybe after a car, small appliances, coffee, delay pedal, reverb pedal, expression pedal, girlfriend (wife in my case), then comes analog heat is what I meant maybe?


Uh oh. Never going back! EVERYTHING must go through heat. Wow.

Just got it the first 30 min using it on existing rytm songs was incredible. I think it helps that I’m a distortion guy anyhoo.

Man I think Scandinavia has got something special going on in its creative facets…obviously a vague statement but I’d almost be interested in a thread discussing where the creative hot beds of the world are now. It seems like the US had a decent foothold for many years in the 20th century but we are long done in doing anything original as a society. Ok just blabbing because I really dig elektron.


Told you so :wink:


Those two should be sold in bundles.


If you think about it, the Heat is actually a great investment because it makes you love your existing gear even more when you run EVERYTHING thru the Heat :thinking:


@knobgoblin yeah! The heat initially came across as not enough bells and whistles to justify cost. I looked at it like it was a multi analog distortion + filter/eq/mod/midi etc for $800!!! I think many like myself would do the math of good distortion = $200-300, filter/eq/mod $300…$600 max seems reasonable for the heat.

But it’s easy to overlook: stereo, the midi functionality is better than maybe most of not all filter/mod pedals, I don’t think too many pedals have the modulation options like this do they??? Ok and then the stuff that’s not fully working but when it does will be huge: 2i2o soundcard and effect plugin. Now we are talking.

It’s just not glamourous to me I guess. But if something subtly (and sometimes intensely ) makes a track sound way better really intuitively and pretty much without trying, well can a price be put on that!



I completely agree. 100%.
I’ve always been curious as to what it would be like and at the weekend I decided to treat myself. What a purchase! I am still reeling from how massive it sounds.

I’ve had two major happenings in the musical side of my life recently; getting back to using samples in the Octatrack and this beast.



@dtr I’m hijacking this thread to ask:

Did you try the lfo midi sync using cc messages that @sezare56 suggested?

Did you find any other method for syncing heats lfo to the rytm?

I’ve stayed away from cc messages as much as possible. Not sure why I dislike the concept except maybe it feels a little too computer-programmer to me. I guess I will try this tonight or tomorrow.

It does sound pretty synced up when I switch to a new preset that I haven’t edited lfo speed. Do others find this to be the case?

Cool! Sam


I havent yet. Actually i d want to try it out tonight or in the weekend. See what fun there s to be had midi controlling it from MD or MM.