Analog Heat MK2 restyling

I saw a lot of DNs with black buttons and white screen on the internet, but I never saw restyled AH. I’m sure it’s possible to replace grey knobs to black, and also screen to BW, but It would be cool to see real device photos/videos, if someone made this replacement to understand is it worth)

The green tonality of the LED, which is way too bright (and cannot be dimmed down, as it is on the DK) is a complete turn-off for me. I enjoy the Heat and use it a lot. Recently considered upgrading to the MK2, to get graphics representation and a larger screen, but finally kept the MK1, because the UI interface is much better balanced and in point, compared to the flashy bling-bling UI of the MK2.

Both sound exactly the same. Simply want to share my experience. Not looking to debate :slight_smile:



I always thought it’s yellow, but maybe I’m colour blind.

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Little adjustment but i like it this way. Swapping grey and black between ah/DT/DN.


I swapped out a few of the knobs to black, but as I had no replacement for the large Grey dial, I kept 3 grey ones.

However I just got a resin 3D printer so I’m going to see if I can make a black replacement for the main Character dial.


I just ordered an A4 to pair with my Dn and AH. What are you using to keep them elevated?

Looks like vesa mounts

It’s a £10 dual screen desk mount off ebay.

I really like the new yellow screen that matches my Digitone. A friend has the AH MK1 with the red Orange screen and I like mine better. I do wish that the Syntakt and Rytm had the same updated yellow screen to be consistent.

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Just to correct myself- it’s a £22 dual monitor mount from ebay

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And VESA mounts just go into the back of the unit?

Yes. The plate that takes the 4 screws just attaches to the screw holes in the underside of the Digi-box.

Then the plate slides into a holder on the end of the arm, which pivots. There’s 1 nut that secures the plate to the arm and stops it coming off.

On more expensive versions, the plate is quick release.

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Thank you

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£22 up from £10?! Darn inflation :wink:

Haha it was actually £18.30 in April, so I think I mentally rounded it down to a tenner lol

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