Analog Heat Direct-Input vs Mixer Aux Send/Return


Hi there,

i received my Analog Heat yesterday and I plugged my Analog Rytm directly into the Inputs of the Heat for a first Test. After a few minutes I knew that I´ll keep this awesome Distortion Unit and I decided to plug it into the Mixer (Behringer UFX1604 Aux Send/Return) to send all my Gear through it.

Now, the Problem is that the Distortion isn´t so punchy as it was with the direct Inputs. The Aux Send/Return Knobs on my Mixer are all at 0db. When I raise the Master send and the Channel Send over 0db the sounds gets better but it produces more noise.

Does anyone have the Heat as Aux-Master on his Mixer? It would be great if someone could tell me his Aux Send/Return Knob-Positions for a noiseless and punchy Sound (like it is when I go directly into the Heat).

Thx in advance.


Do you have only Rytm going, thru send aux, to AH?
Or are there other instruments plugged and switched on ?

To check same result as direct ins, send only the Rytm (no other sends nor pre-fade).

It might be worth checking Input Sensitivity on AH too.


Yes, I am testing the Aux Send/Return on the Mixer only with the Rytm and all the other Gear is switched off.

Input Sensitivity is fine too.

I noticed that I still hear the Rytm when I turn off the Volume off the Heat. I want to send the whole Signal to the Heat but it seems that there´s still a Dry Signal.


Sounds like your sends are post fader.


It’s a personal preference but if it’s me (and as it’s a dry/wet signal on the AH) i would use it “IN CHAIN” rather than an AUX effects. I would plug my machines on my mixer then the mixer on inputs AH and then AH to speakers or headphones of both.


Also it can be your mixer the fault. is AUX Send return is stereo ? Sorry you’re not happy by passing through your mixer in AUX mode


William has rised an important question: aux send is mono…are you sending AR left to Aux1 and AR right to Aux 2 or not?

About hearing the dry signal…so you want to use AH as “insert” by using Send…you can accomplish this by using PRE FADER sends and keeping AR’s fader at -inf.
If you still hear dry AR many things could going wrong, mixer’s “crosstalk” or some mixer settings we are not yet aware…


Thank you for your Answer William.

The Aux Sends are Mono so I used an Adapter to get two Instrument-Cables into the Heat Inputs (to have the FX on both Monitors).

If I would plug the Mixer Master Out into the Heat I´m not able to choose which Channel is going into the Heat right? What if I would like to distort only the Kicks on Channel 1?

@sicijk: What do you mean with AR´s fader at Inf? Should I raise the Channel-Fader of the Analog Rytm all the way up?


First advice: do not use adapters…you can send Left AR (let’s imagine it is on channel 1) using Aux 1(Aux 2 at 0) then Right AR (channel 2) using Aux 2 (Aux 1 at 0).
This way you mantain the stereo image of AR while getting into AH.
Now…I do not know this mixer if has PreFader Sends…if yes, use those Auxes !
Then on channel 1 and 2 (AR Left/Right) put the mixer’s faders at -inf (all the way down), If the auxes are prefade you still have signal getting into AH.
Then return AH to a stereo return.

-inf stands for minus infinite…i.e. all the way down,silent!

EDIT: looking at your mixer’s front panel you can choose if auxes are pre or post fader…go with Aux 1/2 set to prefader


@sicijk: Thank you for the hint. I had to put down the Channel Fader :blush:

Now it sounds really good with these settings:

  • Channel Fader all the way down
  • Master Aux Send set to Pre.
  • Channel Aux-Knob is completely right

Next step is buying a limiter to save my Monitors from exploding :smile:


just a wise posing of mine…dont believe a limiter will save your monitors…high volume with low dynamic (i.e. highly compressed dynamics or “limiting”) damage your woofer faster…
Of course a limiter saves things blocking high transient signal, but better a bit of consciousness :wink:


Nice you solved the problem sicijk and Sammy3000


I tried it as an aux send/receive as well and it’s not as good as directly plugged in. I’m using a Presonus Studiolive. Not here to troubleshoot but rather to express that thought. I think when it’s ready I’ll use the Analog Heat with the Overbridge feature. I’ll simulate a summed mix that way.


A longer route to AH inputs would involve the “unpredictable” and some variables.
Unpredictables being mixer’s amplifiers and aux summing section quality…
Variables being the above too and gain staging through the aux section.
Sorry if I am saying the obvious and asking the following:
Could you confirm the very same level hitting AH inputs using Direct and Aux way?

As soon as I will have some spare time I will try a comparison just to check and report back.

Can you please describe what signal/signals were you sending via Direct Vs. Aux ?


I sent various signals direct through the AH such as a synth , two drum synths and the stereo outs of an audio interface. I calibrated the input sensitivity of the AH and processed the sounds. It worked as advertised! However patching the AH through my consoles Aux Sends (1&2) and Returns (1&2) and following the proper steps to initiate them through the board yields so so results. This is what I did.

  1. Connected the mixers Aux 1 and Aux 2 outputs to the inputs of the AH and connected the outputs of the AH
    to Aux In A and Aux In B of the mixer (Presonus Studiolive 16:4:2).

  2. Turned the Output knob in the Aux 1 and Aux 2 section to Unity. I also calibrated the AH input sensitivity.

  3. Pressed the Aux In A and Aux In B Select button.

  4. In the Fat Channel, I assigned Aux In A and Aux In B to the main outputs.

  5. Pressed the Mix button for Aux 1 and Aux 2. The Fat Channel meters displayed each input
    channel’s send level to Aux 1/Aux2. Then used the encoders below each meter to control the
    channel’s level in Aux 1’s Aux 2’s mix.




I do not know that mixer, but most important I would ask you, and sorry if I’m falling into the obvious: how are you sending channels through auxes?

Let’s say you have a stereo synth on channel 1-2, are you sending Channel 1 to Aux 1 and Channel 2 to Aux 2? Or are you sending Channel 1 to Aux 1 and Aux 2 and so for Channel 2?

i believe the thread opener was mistaking this simple use of auxes in a mixer; after some clarifications (like I’m doing now) he told that the sound from AH (via auxes) improved.

Maybe this is not your case, but I hardly believe that a very same signal (sound) going to AH directly or via auxes (routing everything properly) can sound “as expected” and then “so-so”…the difference is quite huge this way and, apart from those variables I was referring before, the sound quality should not be defeated that much.


I sent channel 1 to aux 1 and channel 2 to Aux 2. However I’m going to test again in a few minutes and update if interested.


Hi, I have a question…
My mixer( a&h 10fx) has two main mix inserts…how to use them with analog heat? With cable I need to do the correct connections?
I should use trs cables? and then, I just connect it on AH input?
Edit: Or maybe use the y trs cables?


Google “insert cable”.
TRS goes to mixer insert and you have 2 TS ends for input and output of Heat.