Analog Four - Safe Workflow

Hi guys,

Hope you’re fine !

I’ve got my A4 few days ago and while I’m used with the Elektron workflow, I’m afraid to make a change and loose the fantastic sequence I’m working on. I know there are things such as " save track ", " reload ", and more but I’m interested to see your approach :slight_smile:

What’s your " go to " to work in a safe way ? Do you clone your pattern ? Do you save track every change ?

Thanks and be safe !

Good question.
Sadly, save and then copy the project, save and rename that, lock it ( and maybe backup that project) is the only safe workflow.
Well, the project manager is also quite frightening, but…

Dont forget to store the usbstick in a atomic bunker.
( ok, i could also produce and release that track to vinyl and not only play with one loop, cough…)

All because of pattern autosave.
The feeling of being insecure and as you say afraid keeps me from turning on the a4 more and buying a mk2 or rytm.

Pattern autosave( not being able to disable that) and the great fun sequencer is contrary to eachother for me.

Other answer is dont worry be happy, practice, enjoy the moment.

Not very known seems: you can do a save as of a pattern and his kit if you liked the (plock and other) changes on a pattern+kit you also like and didnt start with a copy of that pattern:

(Kit reload on change in seq config checked)
Copy pattern
Reload pattern
Go to next empty pattern, paste pattern
Save kit on next empty kit slot and give new name
Save pattern
Dont do it too quick, and if you really think thats the next mozart melody, you have to save, then copy and lock the project.

I wonder also since 5 years if its a tecnical or philosophical reason pattern autosave can not be disabled and this feature seems not heavy requested here

On tr8 I only use and change one pattern and kit and dont care, because its wysiwyg, tuning and decay is anyway not saved, but roland updated it after some months, that pattern can be locked…

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When you like a sound, save it in your “personal” bank (I use 16 then 15 etc).
Use tags to find it easily.

Regarding Kits, before you change to another pattern, save it, change pattern, and save the Kit as new so you don’t overwrite what you did before.

Pattern autosave is a good feature IMO. If you like your Pattern, save it (Yes + Pattern) and you can always reload if you messed with it.

You’ll make mistakes, it’s for sure. But it will come right at some point with practice :wink:


If you accidentally or while having fun jump to another pattern you can not reload it afterwards. Or am i missing something? I would go and buy a mk2 tomorrow…Well i will buy a digitone or octatrack anyway semeday. i love elektron and elektronauts.
It wouldnt be a big thing for me if the most unique of elektron ( plocks) wouldnt be part of the pattern

You have insider ( moderator) knowledge if not being able to disable pattern autosave ( like with kit in seq config)
has a tecnical or a philosophical reason?
Is there still hope for me for a surprise update like with midi sequence on a4 ??

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By " personal " bank, you mean save the track sound to the +Drive with tags right ?
I’ve understood that the patterns into a project share the same KIT so if I have to save it on each pattern if needed.
I’ll def do mistakes :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answers guys !

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I keep my SquarpPyramid set to Live Recording. It’s my midi tape recorder. I suppose anyone with a DAW could do the same to live record a midi channel. Never loose any patterns.
But this is more like insurance than a specific Elektron workflow.

Just save the project… you can change everything if you don’t like it, reload the project…
Then save a different version just like a daw etc


Yes tried that, works very fine :slight_smile:

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