Analog Four + Overbridge routing audio to separate tracks in DAW (Reaper)


I’m in the process of setting up Analog Four (to be followed by Digitone) in my DAW via Overbridge.

Trying to route each track in the AF to separate DAW tracks (1-4).

I’ve tried routing Audio 1/2, 3/4, etc. for each track, as well as MIDI 1 for Track 1, MIDI 2 for Track 2, and combinations of both.

Unfortunately, if a sound is loaded in any track on the AF, it comes through and I can’t get separation.

What is the correct routing to enable this?

(and I assume the answer is the same for Digitone, which I aim to set up next?).

Thank you!


Which DAW…?


Reaper 5.97.
MacOS Mojave


I worked out separately triggering each track properly. (had MIDI channel assignment on the output side, when it obviously should have been on the input side).

But still no success sending audio separately to each track (unlike Digitakt which does send separate audio from tracks 1-8).


Oh? Im FL 2.0 on a PC so probably not much help.

However be sure to head to settings. On the unit…
Global settings
Voice routing
Uncheck 1 to 4 “To Main”

Leave all “To Fx”

This should stop all voices going to the master and the master will now just be fx?


You’re right about what you said but unfortunately it doesn’t solve what I’m going for.
What would have solved my routing issue is if in the Voice Routing section there was more than just the option for ‘main output’ for each track’s audio routing.

Because there’s only a single ‘main output’ it looks to me like the audio can’t be separated to separate outs from each track.


Change the title of the thread to start with the word reaper…might help you find someone who knows that DAW.


Good idea.

For clarification, have you been able to achieve separate audio routing for AF tracks in FL Studio? (i.e. so you can play them all at the same time and the audio comes through on different tracks in the DAW).



master channel FX
channel 1
channel 2
channel 3
channel 4
External in

All seperate

the way you do this in FL is through the plugin. you go to the settings and map the outputs in the FL Mixer.

It would be different in reaper im sure, but possible.


Would be good to know how to do this in Ableton Live too. I’ve set up 4 audio tracks to receive audio from each of the AKs tracks but they all come via the Main only - same in standalone and in plugin. Am I missing a setting?

[EDIT] turns out i hadn’t enabled the separate outs in the Overbridge Control Panel app. Working now!


Damn! I just realized that’s exactly what I had to do. The same for any plugin, I must have got sidetracked thinking too deep into Overbridge.

Was able to route them separately by mapping the inputs/outputs within the plugin itself.

Thanks man.


Yeh it works but its weird. The DT and ARmkii are much more straight forward, and work as you would expect. Track per channel…

But the A4mkii is different. The voices jump from track to track when you use polyphony. So if you set up a kick on track 1, and a pad on track 2 then bass on 3 and a atmospheric fx on 4…you eq them, add some distion to the kick and widen the pad and add a shimmer…all fine is until…

you try to use one of the voices poly…the plug in like the unit plays 4 monophonic voices…but steals the other inputs for the notes in the chord. Sending each note down a different track! Meaning that if you play a chord one note is disorted, one note has a stereo widener and shimmer and are all with a different eq.

Its not the best…also there is no way to split the left and right audio input. So if i have a sub phatty on the left and sub 37 on the right then they come through the pluggin panned hard left and hard right with no way of seperating them in FL. So im not sure its as effective as the way the other units work for mixdown. Ive not been splitting the tracks out on this device for this reason.


I did notice the polyphony breaking into different tracks actually. I’ll have to play with that more, I may have missed its true impact as I was only testing the routing with single notes.

I think in Reaper I am able to separate L/R, as it gives you a fully flexible routing matrix where each mono input is able to be mapped to any mono output.


Btw, the poly behavior is explained starting the bottom of pg. 27 of the AF Mkii manual.
For poly, maximum of four voices at once, but indeed each voice is routed to each track if you want them playing simultaneously.