Analog four os 1.35b incompatible with overbridge


Hi Elektronauts!
I have a problem with my analog four mk1.
I did the os update to the lastest version 1.35b , how can i make it work with overbridge? the 1.15 version says error wrong version update your machine os… i downloaded the 2.0 beta version and the overbridge engine panel says status incompatible…
what i have to do?


versions required for latest overbridge 2.0.11 are -

  • Analog Four mkI/mkII running OS 1.36_BETA2
  • Analog Keys running OS 1.36_BETA2
  • Analog Rytm mkI/mkII running OS 1.46_BETA1
  • Analog Heat mkI/mkII running OS 1.11_BETA3
  • Digitakt running OS 1.11_BETA6
  • Digitone running OS 1.11_BETA1

details are at the top of the main overbridge beta thread.


The problem is that the 1.36 for analog four has not been released yet.
Anyway i did the downgrade of my A4 and im using an older version of overbridge.


its the link below the over bridge 2.0 link in the OB beta post, should work no problem as I have my A4mk1 up and running smoothly. pasting a copy of the link below just in case ya missed it. Hopefully this helps


Thank you so much, i dont know why i did not find it before, ill try later on today.