Analog Four MKII - transpose is global only?

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Is it correct to say the transpose function on AF transposes all tracks that are set to ‘transposable’ on their respective NOTE SETUP menu?

My goal is to transpose single tracks differently, as I already have existing sequence recorded, but am finding it may not be possible?

I understand the work around here is to adjust the respective tunings as desired.

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Set track 1 to transposable - transpose by say a fifth.

Set track 2 & 3 to transposable, switch track 1 transpose off. Transpose track 2 & 3 by an octave.

You now have diff transpositions.


What I experience is when switching off ‘transposable’ for a track, it returns to it’s original key.

EDIT: what I missed was ‘transpose lock’ [TRNS] + [YES]. Done!



By the way you may not have to use the note setup menu - I don’t have my A4 in front of me but I think you can just hold transpose and track key.



Thank you for the question and the answers! I didn’t know this either.

Sure ? Maybe something is missing but it doesn’t seem to work.

Transpose + YES changes notes permanently, applying current transpose setting.

Transpose lock is FN + Transpose, it is like holding Transpose button, that’s all.

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You are correct ofc about Transpose + Yes, but the main thing here is that op achieved a desired workflow and there is less “limitation” than initially perceived.

So you confirm transpose is global ?
Transpose + Yes is useful btw, I missed / forgot that one ! :slight_smile:

Thank you for pointing out the difference, @sezare56. It’s subtle but important to understand (for me anyway)

And thank you @Housecliche for your answer, and thank you @PurpulAfect for the original question <3

Flowers for everyone



so if I understand correctly, if I want to transpose only one of the 4 tracks;
the easiest way is to lock the other three first (transpose + yes)?
and then use transpose on the track I want to transpose?

No, you transpose only the track you want to. But it is temporarily, so if you turn transpose off, it will revert to original values. To avoid that hit transpose and yes, to apply it permanently (change the actual note Values in the sequencer). After that this track will stay transposed and you can select other tracks to transpose…

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