Analog four MKI weird wobbling Oscillators sound

Hi all, just a quick question about A4 MKI.
I realised I can hear a sort of movement within the sound of the two oscillators while playing together. In my knowledge when an identical oscillator is added to another you will hear just a rising in volume without any movements at all. Obviously I double checked all the parameters, LFO and stuff are set to zero and made sure I am starting over from a blank patch.

I will attach an audio file so you can better understand what I mean, hers the link:

In this audio you will hear a single oscillator plying at the very beginning and then when I gradually add in the second one (same shape obviously) the sound of the two oscillators mixed each others starts moving.
Already tried to properly calibrate the oscillators twice and it didn’t work so if anyone experienced this sort of problem and has a solution please give us a shout, this is driving me nuts :confused:

Happy life to everyone.

It sounds the same on my A4 mk2, but the modulation ceases immediately when I uncheck “Oscillator drift” in the Sound settings.

Manual p. 35: Oscillator drift “introduces a very subtle pitch drift”


It’s not a problem at all but a mindfully added feature (the oscillator drift parameter @ccr hinted at).

It simulates the instabilities from analog oscillators of the past. Just turn it off if you don’t like it.


@tnussb @ccr That did the trick :boom:
Awesome guys you’re the best :pray: