Analog four mk2 screen issues

Hi, as anyone had the issue shown in this video, thanks for any advice.
Added some screenshot, thanks


In all the years browsing here I haven’t seen anything like (the stills) that on any piece of gear … I wonder if there’s any indication of an issue whilst in Test Mode (hold Function whilst booting, see manual for explanations)

This looks like one for support to pass comment for sure

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Cheers, yes it’s a strange one, I actually just traded it on this forum(I’m the sender of this), was all good when I sent it,so thinking it’s unseated a connection in transit, might have to get in touch with elektron, thanks

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i’ll email support. I tried booting in test mode (I’m the trade receiver :smiley:)

Weirdly the output is reversed:


bizarre !

hadn’t recalled this fwiw

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