Analog four mk2 outputs

I currently run my rytm and A4 mk2s into a mixer. I’d like to also sample the A4 into the rytm. What’s the best way to do this? Use the headphone out into the rytm? Is there any problem with this in terms of sound quality?

Since you have the MK2 model you could also use one of the indivual outs

True, but then I don’t get the master fx (I think, never used them tbh).

A4 doesnt have master effects as far as I know.

@Greatexpectations is right, the Fx are send Fx and are only available on the master out… I see no problem in using the headphone out for sampling… but you can easily try it and sample the main out and the headphone out for comparison

What mixer have you got? Does it have any aux sends or insert points?


Zed 14. It has 4 sends, 2 pre and 2 post. Maybe that’s the better way to go.

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As the Rytm only records in mono

  • you should only need one Aux bus
  • be careful with FX that send your sound in the stereo spectrum, which won’t be reflected in a mono sample (but you said you don’t use them)

Using the mixer is a good idea IMO. Fast and good enough.

Please report on your experience :slight_smile:

Yeah I’d connect one of the FX sends to the Rytm input, then route the A4 to that send when you want to sample.

One advantage of this setup is that anything else you connect to the mixer can also be sampled by routing it to that FX send. No need to change the cables going to the Rytm inputs, just use the mixer for routing.

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The other routing is also fun: I like drums into A4, there are plenty tricks to do, input as oscillator can get pretty wild!