Analog Four/Keys OS 1.50: bug reports

found another bug…
when using the arp when in poly mode the first note doesnt play polyphonic when a chord is pressed…
Edit : only when played from external keyboard works ok from sequencer…


The only reliable/ expedient fix I’ve found is to:

  1. Enter test mode on boot.
  2. Exit.

Following ^these two steps, the unit should function properly. And yes, I believe you’ll need to do this every time you turn it on.

Same thing on AK - first chord skipped when played with kb, plays fine when added as a step.

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Having a similar issue, when I swith off and on (after 5 seconds), it gets stuck on startup screen with a C + 1.50. Both for regular boot and startup screen.

If I switch off and wait a minute or two, it’s all fine (for regular boot and startup screen). Run test, all looks okay, no errors reported.

Seems a little weird…


Ive sent a ticket, do you also not get velocity recorded on the A4 Keys
when holding notes and pressing a key or using the new record modes?

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yea, same here - although i’m not sure if trig+note would give you the velocity previously either.

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On my A4 MK2, the USB audio (Ableton 10, Macbook Pro 15 from 2015) is very quiet compared to the A4 MK2 audio. If I turn up the gain by +18 in the audio routing settings, it is still a bit too quiet and sounds very “compressed”. Can anybody confirm this?
I used headphones by the way.


pretty sure it did before the update and it does currently record velocity on the Rytm, DN & DT

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Finding the same issue here.
Other than that, psyched by the new features!

Me too, intermittently.


Hey :slight_smile:

after updating my A4 yesterday to 1.50, it was running regular. Today I want to start the A4 but the load screen is frozen and nothing happend.

Someone here with the same issue? Or have someone a solution?


be sure not to power cycle too quickly - this can happen (I saw it myself) - just allow it to sit for 30seconds and retry - that worked for me - may of course be a separate issue you see - just don’t power cycle quickly though


Nor does it record the Note, it’s not just velocity borked - all notes are set to C4 at fixed velocity

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Yup. I’ve noticed this as well. USB audio into AUM in iPad is really low even with EXT IN volume set to max. Audio coming back from iPad I super low even at +18.

That’s only for audio from the computer to teh A4

Every man and his dog has said that teh OB levels are quiet - but they’re set to allow headroom - the advice is to boost the captured waves in your editor/daw of choice

It’s almost certainly not a bug (the gain adjustment is definitely not an issue)

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Are you sure ? Because I am able to record the notes just not the velocity…
I’ve sent a ticket about the velocity…

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i was until 10 minutes ago when someone else mentioned this to me too - i’d left it on specific channel as i’d used that to test if auto was teh only problem - i’d looked at realtime stuff too

it is indeed not appropriate to use specific for ext grid locking so my obeservation was spurious

just velo borked on Auto channel grid rec (the only appropriate channel) - got there in teh end, my bad

To make it muddy i’d applied a wild pitch variation to velocity, so velocity variations were masking the pitch changes, by the time i’d ended up in a specific channel and forgot it seemed like the issue affected notes, but it doesn’t (well it just doesn’t work with teh specific channel, which will in realtime, but it never was meant to)

Thus why i always stick to auto channel

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fyi it appears this issue was present in 1.4A too - it slipped the net a while back

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Sorry, I want to be more precise:
The audio from Ableton to A4 is very quiet. If I turn up the gain by +18 in the A4 audio routing setting it is still a bit too quiet compared to the A4 synth sound.

Other problem is that the audio from Ableton to A4 sounds compressed.
Can anybody confirm this?

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Okay, glad to know it’s not just mine that behaves like that.