Analog Four/Keys OS 1.50: bug reports

Firmware 1.50 is now released

Discuss here

Think about updating Transfer app and Overbridge.

Remember to back up before upgrading and even load a new empty project to avoid any damage to your current project.
And avoid upgrading before a gig. :tongue:

You encountered something wrong in the newest OS, reproduced it in a project created since the upgrade and want to check if others can replicate it ?
Here is the place.

Doesn’t replace a support ticket, of course, but you might want to check if it’s not a feature before declaring a bug :wink:

Please report all bugs via the Support Tickets section on if they have not already been confirmed below.


Arghh…just updated A4mkii to 1.50 and find that OB no longer communicates. Error on OB, “The paired device has incompaitible OS version! Pls shutdown your DAW and update OB to a later version”

I don’t know if this is the proper thread for a bug report, but here’s what I discovered on 1.50C for Analog Four MKII:

There is a minor delay when selecting a track by pressing the track buttons.
Try it: 1) press track 1
2) very quickly, tap track 2 or 3 or whatever

The subsequent track is not highlighted until the button is pressed for maybe half a second.
I believe this used to be instant. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Apologies if this is in the wrong thread.

Would you mind updating to the official firmware and confirming this is still here?
What is in beta should stay in beta ^^

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have you?


Yip. Running OB2 on a Mac for sometime now. Did have a quick look and saw no news of an updated OB version, unless you know otherwise?

the link is in the firmware update post. get it here:


Garf, thanks. I missed this. Will post back once this works.


And everything is better again :slight_smile: Install OB (for Mac) everyone and don’t be a Muppet like me.


Hi Everyone, I just updated to 1.50 and everything went well up to “update complete, restart the device”. Now upon restart it’s stuck at the Startup Screen (Elektron Logo and V 1.50 with a C on the left). I tried restarting it again and it won’t progress past that screen. I’ve updated it before without any issues. Any advice?

*EDIT - Nevermind. I left it on for a few minutes and it eventually went through. Note to others :slight_smile:


my analog 4 mki, acting as a master clock with the tempo set to the new pattern mode, does not trigger the first step of the sequence on my model:sample when i first push the play button. it works fine while the tempo is in project mode.

The only bug I’ve encountered so far (hopefully it’s a firmware bug and not something going wrong with my hardware) is that when I power on my A4 MKII - ever since updating to 1.50; the LEDs and display all dim immensely for a few seconds before it fully initializes, like it’s having a brown out. This did not happen with my RYTM MKII after updating and testing that.


the only bug I found so far in my A4 mkII, in all my patterns, the scale per track was reset to 1x in all the tracks :c


I updated overbridge first, then I used transfer to upgrade my AK to 1.50 - it seems to be stuck on the SUCCESS! REBOOTING’ screen… I’m afraid to restart it… I don’t remember manually restarting it before, and ‘REBOOTING’ sounds like it’s going to auto reboot.

Hoping it isn’t bricked.

Anybody else experience this?

EDIT: I got antsy and just hard rebooted it… it’s at 1.50 and seems fine lol

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It is the official release.
If you tap a track button very quickly, it will not be selected.


Notice track 2 only gets selected after pressing it for half a second or so.

Perhaps it has always been like this and I’m just noticing it just now.


Works fine over here. Fast tap selects it without issue.

Dang :tired_face:
I’d hate to think it was something with my unit.
Thanks for checking.

Ok Ive found one…
Step record (standard+Jump mode) records velocity on the Analog Rytm mk2 from external keyboard but it does not record velocity on Analog Four Mk2…

Edit: it also no longer records velocity when holding a note and pressing key on keyboard


Perhaps try the self test and, if needed, factory or empty reset:

    To access this menu, hold down the [FUNC] key while powering up the Analog Four MKII. From here you can perform a variety of tasks. To choose the different alternatives, press the corresponding [TRIG] key.
    13.1 TEST MODE
    To enter this mode, press the first [TRIG] key. If you have any trouble with your Analog Four MKII and sus- pect it may be due to a hardware problem, you should perform this self-test. No errors should be reported. If you get an error, contact Elektron support or the retailer you bought the Analog Four MKII from.
    13.2 EMPTY RESET
    To perform this operation, press the second [TRIG] key. All kits, patterns, Sounds and songs will be erased. 13.3 FACTORY RESET
    When performing a factory reset on the Analog Four MKII it will overwrite and re-initialize the active proj- ect (including all pattern, kit, sound pool and global data). The +Drive project slot 1 will be overwritten and re-initialized. Sound bank A and B will be overwritten with the factory Sounds. Factory preset patterns, kits, Sounds and settings will be re-initialized.
    If you wish to keep the active project, remember to save it to a +Drive project slot higher than 1 before you perform a factory reset. To perform a factory reset, press [TRIG] key 3.

Same here on MK2
A4 is very slow at boot and take something like a few seconds to get back on its feet