Analog Four 1.50 & Analog Rytm 1.60

Exept the new sounds, only MKII.

But still, nice work Elektron !

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Did an update and factory reset on A4 mk2 and it seems like they only tweaked old factory presets? Everything seems like before, patch names etc…

This is a good reason now to upgrade to the new Black.


Have you tried having a look in the audio/midi setup of OSX? See if anything there looks like an overbridge device, and then remove it?

Updated factory patterns and kits (available on factory reset)

Do I have to perform a Factory Reset or simply upgrading to the new OS will automatically do the trick?

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yes, nothing there, just like in OB’s own control panel. Did anyone on OSX succesfully run the installer package for OB 2.0.41 thats needed for these new os releases(released today with the os)?

Yes, that’s why it says:


you’re the best guys :cupid:

Whats this new step recording mode? Have I missed something?

Now we’re cooking with analog gas.

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But all other user projects will remain?

The new OS contains new and tweaked patterns and kits. No new sounds.


If I’m not interested in the new presets, but only the OS update, will I still need to factory reset to update the Rytm to 1.60 ?

Nope, then you just install the new OS to get the new functionality. However its good to keep in mind that when/if you do a factory reset in the future you will get the updated content.


Love the update… is there Ctrl-all?


Yes. You can read about what Factory Reset does in more detail in the manual.


Please tell me mk1 eventually getting USB class compliant!!!


I’ve just gone in and copied (duplicated) Proj 1 [the presets] as a new project.

thx, didn’t expect it, thought the A4/AR is at its end-of-life development