Analog Four/Keys OS 1.40: bug reports

I’m pretty sure you want a feature that already exists.
by saving a kit on each pattern it makes it unique…
Plus I owned an electribe sampler esx1 and would say elektron is already far better

Working for the internal keyboatd but not for an external MIDI key… you can’t pass MIDI from external keyboard to an external synth

you can (or should be able to) if you use the auto channel on the external device, then anything doable via the onboard keys/pads is doable externally

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You should but is not working!!!
Did you tríed @avantronica ?

Tried using Booth USB and DIN MIDI, I can play the internal synhs when in auto channels, but A4 is not routing the external MIDI input to the external MIDI instrument (I can play it with the internal mini keys)


I agree - it’s not passing Auto Channel MIDI via DIN or USB

it’s now a useful facility given the device can sequence, but can you be confident it once worked or have I(we) assumed it would work

but yeah - a bit surprised that it doesn’t offer all the functionality of the onboard keys - it may be unexpected behaviour and a bug, maybe report it then

I tried by setting the output channel to both options too, but it made no difference

It will play the onboard synth fine but won’t share the incoming MIDI forward, as though there was only activity on the mini-keys !

using discrete channels externally doesn’t make a difference either fwiw

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I know that but it isn’t the same, not least because of the amount of work I’d have to do to set it up. I’m really not trying to force this on anyone else, just saying I prefer how the Digitone works.

I ticketed this issue for the ARii but flagged as applicable to All analogs

did the same for MKI, thanks!

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A4, no midi out from the seq using usb midi. I can configure the incoming midi channels, but there are no midi signals coming through, only when using the minikeys; those work as excepted. Tested with ableton and bitwig.

This is not a bug, you just haven’t enabled MIDI out in the Fn+Note menu or you haven’t got a setting right somewhere

It’s been discussed dozens of times in the relevant thread


THANKS, tried to find messages concerning this, but no success. :slight_smile:

In the OB Engine my AK is stuck saying ‘measuring’. I’ve tried everything I can think of (repair install, new USB cable, every available USB port…). It used to work on the old Beta, but now… nothing.

lmao obviously the first thing I try when I power up is assigning Quick Perf to all 10 perf knobs

and good lord my a4mkii STRUGGLES. took like 10-20s to catch up with my knob movements, it was stuttering along trying to keep up.

2 seems ok. 3, I can get input lag if I really wiggle the knob. 4 is where it starts to get iffy. 10, a single sweep of the knob causes input/LED lag.

Looks like sequencing/audio still goes smooth, which is good. (aside from the choppiness of the perf macros)

And of course I tried abusing it to see if I could kill the machine. Feels like an overflowing ring buffer; I swear I managed to get it to replay knob movements out of order, or repeat buffered motions more than once. Better than a fatal overflow, i suppose…

this is very silly of course, but holy cow it would be hilarious to sweep 50 parameters with one knob.

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Very minor, but it looks like the load project header can bump the cursor/selection off the bottom of the screen. Looks strange, but once you move the cursor it’s good again.

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On my A4 MK I with a new project it can only select LFO Trig Mode FRE and HLF.

TRG, HLD and ONE are not displayed.

Has someone the same problem?

Coincidentally the first and last

Are you sure you are not scrolling too fast, works fine here on a new project

I’ll concede it seems faster scrolling somehow, but that may be my mind playing tricks

It certainly doesn’t feel nice, you have to scroll far too slowly to see the intervening modes


Ah yes your right it’s really sensitive. Also in the opposite to LFO depth. Thanks!

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Yeah noticed this

QPER issue

Typically you start with this, QPER is attached to Macro 1, hold QPER down to see and select

:red_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle: starting state

Firstly if you Press 1 twice you can deselect all assignments, this seems a possibly superfluous state as there is a QPER Mute - I am proposing that it is not intentional, especially if it was intentional then the first press of 1 should deselect it.

:black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle: starting state then press 1 twice

Secondly, from default starting point, subsequent selections in addition to the existing Macro1 will wipe 1 away

:red_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle: starting state

:black_circle::red_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle: starting state then press 2 (note 1 is cleared)

my hunch is that this is also unintended behaviour

so e.g. you had this following assignment and you merely wanted to remove one assignment


if you wanted to deselect just 5 in this case so you press it, but you actually get this


it just seems likely that this current behaviour of selection is unintended/bug

Note as an aside that attaching multiple Macros to QPER will make for an increasingly unresponsive interface