Analog Four external MIDI step sequence

Hey all
I might be missing something super simple, but for the life of me, I can’t figure this out.
I have a Keystep plugged into the A4 to play stuff in.
Auditioning sounds- no problem
Live recording in the sequencer- no problem
Step recording into the sequencer- nah

The step sequencer only lets me record with the onboard keyboard. It states in the manual that it should be the same with the external keyboard, but as soon as I go into step sequence mode, I lose control with my Keystep. ( for troubleshooting, I tried with my NDLR too, same deal)

Any ideas?

Push and hold the trig you want to program the note on then play the note/s from your Keystep. You might also need to be sending MIDI to the auto channel though, for some reason, I think that is only for live recording incoming MIDI notes.

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thanks, it was the Auto Channel thing holding me up. I have MIDI channel per track setup correctly, but the Step Sequencer uses the auto channel after the track is selected.
That’s interesting, but I’m trying to wrap my head around why it’s necessary? And what other applications the Auto Channel feature might be useful for…

I’m gonna start running out of MIDI channels on the poor little Keystep soon, LOL.