Analog Drive - MIDI CC for expression gain

Hey guys,
I’m using an analog drive in my guitar pedal board. So far I’ve used an expression pedal in the EXP GAIN input ; works like a charm.

In order to manipulate several parameters on several pedals and machines at once I would like now, instead of an expression pedal, to use the MIDI CC through a controller (a KMI Softstep 2). According to the manual it is MIDI CC 4 but it doesn’t seem to respond.

Other CCs (like the main gain CC for instance) and PCs respond well. So I know that my controller can properly talk to my Analog Drive. It seems like the MIDI CC 4 for expression gain is ignored.

Does anyone ever tried that? I’ve tried different configuration in the advance setting menu, with no luck so far.

Any idea ?


I think Gain midi control CC is CC16 only.
Not obvious but I guess Expression Gain CC4 is the CC you can send with expression pedal. Check Expression destination.

Thanks for your answer. That make sense. I wrote to the Electron support service, let’s see what they say about this. But in the meantime I’ll check with a MIDI monitor.

And a bit out of topic and self-promotion :slight_smile:
I’m working on these : Expression controllers

Nice, I’ll check it out