Analog 4 New OS & Missing Factory Presets (Kits)

I am new to Elektron. Pardon me if I don’t have the lingo down. In time I will learn. I recently purchased an A4. Yesterday, I updated it with the new OS. I also added the new sounds that are available on the Elektron website. Afterwards, I noticed the 64 preset kits the A4 came with are gone. Is that standard operating procedure when updating the A4’s OS? Or did I inadvertently overwrite them during the update? Or sound adds? Again, I am new to Elektron and the presets are nice training wheels for a beginner like me as I grasp the workflow. But if they’re gone, it is what it is. That said, if I want to add them back how do I go about doing so? Thank you in advance for your courtesies in the above. Regards, MH.

To access this menu, hold down the [FUNCTION] key while powering up Analog Rytm. From here you can per-
form a variety of tasks. To choose the different alternatives, press the corresponding [TRIG] key.

When performing a factory reset on the Analog Rytm it will overwrite and re-initialize the active RAM project (including all pattern, kit, sound pool and global data). The +Drive project slot 1 will be overwritten and re-initial- ized with factory preset patterns, kits, Sounds and settings. Sound bank A will be overwritten with the factory Sounds.
If you wish to keep the active project, remember to save it to a +Drive project slot higher than 1 before you per- form a factory reset. To perform a factory reset, press the third [TRIG] key.

thank you for the input. i will take another look when i get home and see if the presets are hiding somewhere else. although when i hit function + kit, there are 64 empty slots. worst case scenario, i reset to factory settings. and start the process all over again. its good for me. help me to develop a finer appreciation of this fantastic machine called the Analog Four. thanks again!