Analog 4 as fx processor

Send feedback(cue1, cue2) or feedback delay drones from MD(as multiple crazy osc) to the A4 inputs, vol R and L set to zero, put some trigs, going to Lfo Page, set destination A to Vol L, B to Vol R, Mode Trig, use Lfo fade as Simple envelope with short release, experiment with speed, multiple, run arpeggiator - it will be retrig, many possibilities, u can experiment with internal feedback delay, in this situation lfo destination will be Delay Vol, use sequencer tips

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When using this method, do you have access to the Send FX of the Track or only the FILTERS, AMP, ENV and LFO’s?

It replaces an oscillator, so you have access to everything but parameters related to oscillators (pitch, tune, PWM, etc…)


Thanks sezare56 for the fast reply.

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Actually you can use use these parameters on the other osc in order to modulate External Input with AM. Set your other osc to Ground or Level 0.

Interesting results. :content:


Test with 8 strings guitar straight in A4 !
Only guitar + A4 as an fx.

Osc 1 = Input L, Osc 2 = Ground (no osc).
Set AM1 on, so Osc 2 can modulate Input L (as a square wave ring modulator).

AM1 (Osc1 AM) engages Amplitude Modulation on Oscillator 1, which means that its signal is switched on/off (multiplied) by the pulse wave of Oscillator 2. This introduces new harmonics with frequencies being the sum and difference frequencies of the harmonics of the two oscillators. The result is related to ring modulation and can give metallic, hollow, or disharmonic sound qualities. Note that the waveform and pulse width of Oscillator 2 also affects the result, even if that oscillator is not heard

I also used arp, filter keytrack, lfo on filter, PWM…


Has anyone used the external input as a sync source for the second oscillator? It looks like it could be used kind of like the Moogerfooger Freqbox or the Dreadbox Omikron.

Nasty man


That is super dope!

Your idea has me intrigued. Do you think it’s possible to set up (using two tracks) a p-lockable stereo filter distortion along the lines of the RML Jekyll n Hyde?


Honestly the A4 (or Keys in my case) is an amazing sound processor (both classic effects, p-lock effects and/or dynamic filter bank) and an amazing synth overall.
It is the keyboard that gave sense to the last years analog reissue of the industry in my opinion. Just consider that it’s not that easy to make it sound at its best and this is probably the main reason for its relatively cheap 2nd hand price, I don’t think it will stay cheap forever btw.


Not only is it possible, but there’s a step-by-step description in the manual - look for setup example “Analog Four as a filter bank”.


But would it be comparable sound-quality wise?

I guess A4 inspired Analog Heat!

What is the sound source in your audio example?
With A4 you can chain 2 tracks per channel : 4 filters and 2 overdrives per channel, I guess you can get close results, probably better, wider range.
Overdrive is particular (MKI user).

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Not sure. I personally would be running an analog mono thru it.

But here is the same unit with simple drum loops. I’m looking for this sort of heaviness I guess:


You can use overdrive of the delay with delay time = 1 and feedback = 0, turn up OVR. It sounds actually really good…
Never tried with external sources, though.


This sounds really good indeed. Better than AH in that register I think.
I’d like to make further tests with A4. It would be interesting to know the JnH circuitry.

Control wise, A4 Perf Macros allow crazy things, stereo or not.

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I suppose one could get another of the RML pedals for that flavor of boutique fuzz and split the signal into the A4 inputs for all the other tricks. They have a compact pedal called the Electron Fuzz Mini that might work well.

I already have a germanium fuzz with feedback, I wasn’t satisfied with results on drums, but combined, why not.
I made a 2x2 Overdrive + 2x2 filters tests. Doesn’t sound the same but it can be very interesting. A4 can’t mimick germanium fuzzes but I’ll try again tomorrow, with pre / post drive as JnH.


Yes, interesting, even more with feedback and hp/lp fisters. I should try feeback with OT Cue too!

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Y’all don’t forget about key tracking the lfo and using an arp!
The delay can be used as a rudimentary looper at low tempos too.
I didn’t ever update after creating this thread, but I ended up with an analog keys and it is magic.
I use it for getting lost and crunching up my Digitakt. I have a piezo mic stuck to the AK that allows me to use the casing for percussion with the delay set as a very slow fading looper.
There are ways to control all 4 tracks with the joystick too. It’s a deep mysterious box.


I really liked the delay overdrive with very little feedback on acid-y basslines (much much more than the normal distortion) but ofc you can go pretty crazy.
Although I had good results using the normal dist with neighbour tracks.
Gotta try stereo filtering OT with distortion…

Only the active track, though (or you found a secret?)^^