Ambisonics w/ Digitakt and Touchdesigner

Bi-naural testing with TD

This video shows how to use steams bi-naural audio engine in Touchdesigner.
I am well aware that there are professional VSTs that can do this a lot better, with more features, …
I made this for a friend who is doing research into binaural audio and it was intended as a proof of concept;

For those who haven´t heard about bi-naural audio, it essentially works like this.
You place audio Sources in a 3D space and a Listener that listens to them from a point in that space. A binaural engine, in this case steam-audio, then renders a stereo output of your setup. You can render several formats in touch; binaural, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, ambiX or your own custom mapping table.

Use Headphones, make sure L/R are correct and keep your head steady looking straight ahead
for best experience :wink:

I also tried this together with a friend using a Valve Index.
In this case the setup was identical, only the Listener was linked to the position of the Index headset. Audio was forwarded directly to the Index Audio Device.
The setup works really nice and the effect is much stronger in VR; you do things like walk towards sound sources and locate them quite well.

I use the midi setup I have shown in this tutorial:

Digitakt / Digitone - MIDI advanced - w/ Touchdesigner

If you want to dig deeper into ambisonics and binaural audio in touch, you should start here:

I am gonna do a tutorial on how to use VR in touch later this year for now look here


Awesomely cool project to work on. Will dive into this soon :smile: