Am I the only one? [Machinedrum love]


Nah- it has it’s place. A sorta nostalgic quality to it

To it being embarrassing- it most definitely is cheesy, though


Well apart from that voice…its pretty informative.lot of things i never knew.


this thread always bothered me, until today, when I impulse purchased a machinedrum :scream:


Woohoo! Congrats! It’s the best drum machine! Which model did you get?



borrowed a friend’s years ago and always wanted to buy his eventually but who knows when that would ever happen


Marvelous! I’ve been reunited with a non-UW and I really want to upgrade!

I’ve got a field percussion sample pack that I put together that, to me, sound really good combined with the MDUW grit.

You’re welcome to it if you want bizarre klanky percussions


sure! those are primarily the types of samples I need initially actually. I’m usually kind of lazy about curating samples or loading samples into hardware though, which I why love devices I can sample directly into


These sorts of sounds are where the MD is at home. I’ve got a bank of glitchy noise and/or vocal phonemes I could trade you for it )once I clean it up a bit).


Sounds GREAT!

It’s just large enough to fit into a MDUW sample bank!


THANKS! I’ll share mine once I get my gear unpacked this weekend.


I look forward to it!


You gave me this field percussion kit a while ago but I still can’t work out how to get samples onto it using the TM1 :grimacing:

I’ll have to give it another try again soon, but I found it hard transfer samples even after reading the sample transfer bit in the manual load of times :confused:


C6- select your midi port in config(TM-1, I assume)

Machinedrum- global menu- select sample bank. Sample receive(?) send from C6

If that doesn’t work- maybe try loading the samples through a different midi interface


got it today… I began to slightly doubt my purchase decision as I waited for it to arrive but it sounds even better than my incredibly biased and highly colored memory of it (have played with my buddy’s a few times over the past few years but his listening environment is whack), I was impressed all over again!


Machine Drum was my first experience using Elektron gear and while the interface takes patience and time to master the sounds are super amazing for techno and house music! I wanted to buy my friend’s MD but he was unwilling to part from it in spite of the massive rig and other synths that he owns. If I found a deal on one, yup I would get one. However, I really like the smaller footprint of the MFB Tanzmaus and will see what the MFB Tanzbar v2 and Soma Pulsar 23 are like. The OT and A4 do a great job on drums for my needs right now so that is what I use besides my Korg Volca Beats. I even tweaked clap, snare and kick drum out of my Moog Sub 37 this past weekend when I was messing around.


The Tanzbär really falls behind imo.
The MD will give you more milage, has tons of LFOs, great FX (imo) and mangling the input also is so much fun!


I think so but will see what the future Tanzbar v2 does.


Machinedrum is one of a kind really, i am too looking into the Tanzbär 2 but as a complement. Analog vs. digital, i think / hope they will complement each other nicely.


I like having a place to come and gush about random things I’m doing with MD. I’ve been having fun this week just sequencing some external gear and processing it through Machinedrum. I know I could probably get even more mileage if I did this on Octatrack, but there’s still a lot of power and fun to be had doing this on the Machinedrum.

Plus the thing that kicked off this week - sequencing the 0-Coast with MD - initially was part of a whole set of drum patterns. But I wanted a pass of just the 0-Coast (and processing) to try and mix it a little better in Logic later on. And I’ve fallen in love with the ‘plain 0-coast being processed by Machinedrum’ recording.

So when I decided I needed a layer of dark ambient pad sounds, I basically did the same thing, but with the Waldorf Streichfett. Which was fun since it has a lot of polyphony and I could quickly build a bunch of MIDI machines on Machinedrum all targeting the same channel. Run it through MD’s Reverb and delay and a couple of RAM record/playback machines: dark ambient fun times!


Any vids of this? sounds a lot of fun.